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A Sound of Thunder - Out of the Darkness

A Sound of Thunder
Out of the Darkness
by Vasilis Odontidis at 09 April 2012, 5:21 PM

Late trends dictate that female-fronted bands are usually related to the triplet of atmospheric - gothic sound - epic sound which has proven very successful. Bands like NIGHTWISH, EPICA, LEAVES EYES and THE GATHERING among the acts that are worth mentioning. "A Sound of Thunder" deviates from this path as they are playing Heavy Metal and they are delivering “Out of the Darkness” their second release.

Ten tracks are included in “Out of the Darkness" which run for approximately 60 minutes.  Most of the songs are mid paced but of course there are variations. The dominant element in the album and by far the most impressive is Oseguada's voice. It is by far one of the most impressive voices I have listened to the recent years. This lady has serious Metal balls (metaphorically speaking of course) giving a performance that is jaw breaking. There are impressive screams ("Out of the Darkness"!!), stunning vibrancy and great feeling throughout the whole record. When she wants to sound imposing she is imposing and when she wants to sound soft and frail ("This Too Shall Pass") she can do with the same ease. Most of the songs are very good, some tend to hang up (“Kill That Bitch”) but are saved by Oseguada's performance. The production is very neutral and has its toll on making the songs sound dull and uninteresting at times.

I think the most valuable asset of this band is their own sound of thunder, their vocalist. She is just amazing and her performance takes the songs to another level. “Out Of The Darkness” is an enjoyable Heavy Metal record with its ups and downs and it deserves people’s attention. How often do you listen to a Heavy Metal band with a great female singer?

4 Star Rating

1. The Day I Die
2. The Nightwitch
3. Kill That Bitch
4. Murderous Horde
5. A Sound of Thunder
6. Out of the Darkness
7. Calat Alhambra
8. Flight Until the End
9. This Too Shall Pass
10. Discovery
Nina Osegueda- Vocals
Josh Schwartz- Guitar
Chris Haren- Drums
Jesse Keen- Bass
Record Label: Nightmare Records


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