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A Swarm Of The Sun - The Rifts

A Swarm Of The Sun
The Rifts
by Andrew Sifari at 08 June 2015, 4:35 AM

A SWARM OF THE SUN are a Swedish Metal act led by Jakob Berglund and Erik Nilsson. Their third studio effort, “The Rifts,” is a chilling, intricate web of confusion and pain, mixing funeral Doom with a pensive, Post-Rock sensibility and leaving nothing but despair in its wake.

While not technically an instrumental effort, “The Rifts” succeeds in drowning the listener in its sorrow with its writhing pace and soul-rending melodies primarily with instruments alone. “The Warden” is one example to the contrary; with its majestic organs and deliberate slowness that complement Erik Nilsson’s mirthless laments perfectly, but for the most part, each of these songs does a solid job creating their own atmosphere and moods regardless of a guiding vocal presence.

Even as listeners are led through derelict dreamscapes and wastelands of regret, the band never get ahead of themselves from a technical standpoint, instead focusing all of the instruments together to create a single, intense wave of sound that crashes over you. “Infants” quietly, eerily revels in its inherent dread, while “Incarceration” smolders sadly yet brilliantly from beginning to end. The instrumental title track carries a challenging air with its prominent synths and tense atmosphere, and while the overall approach to each song isn’t terribly different, it’s strangely entertaining how well the band manifests grief/discontent in as many ways as they do. “These Depths Were Always Meant for Both of Us” isn’t the official ending track, but it is the last with vocals, and it does a great job of bringing the band full circle from sadness to understanding (and then back to sadness).

The Rifts” is like a musical wet blanket, though far more entertaining to listen to. Its stripped-down musical approach, intelligent songwriting, and supremely depressing aesthetic are far from common, and while the average Metal fan might get too bummed out to listen for long, Doom Metal connoisseurs and the like can definitely appreciate the artistry behind this disturbing-yet-haunting collection of music.

4 Star Rating

1. There’s Blood On Your Hands
2. Infants
3. The Nurse
4. Incarceration
5. The Warden
6. Years
7. The Rifts
8. These Depths Were Always Meant for Both of Us
9. All the Love and Glory
Jakob Berglund - Vocals, Percussion
Erik Nilsson - Guitar, Piano, Keyboard, Backing Vocals, Percussion
Karl Daniel Lidén  - Drums (Session)
Anders Carlström - Bass (Session)
Record Label: Version Studio Records


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