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A Tree Of Signs - Saturn

A Tree Of Signs
by Andrew Sifari at 12 April 2014, 12:22 AM

Hailing from Portugal, A TREE OF SIGNS specializes in sludgy Doom / Stoner Rock / Metal. There’s not exactly a whole lot to glean from their second release, the three-song single “Saturn”, which is equally likely to catch your attention as it is to spur your hand towards the ‘skip’ button.

The band uses only a bass, instead of electric guitars, on each song. “Red II” is probably the most identifiably Doom Metal song here, with the kind of muddy riffs one might expect from such music, as well as the slow pounding of P. Tosher’s drums. The riffs are repetitive, but they are not bad, and compliment the vocal performance of Diana Silveira, allowing her to (rightfully) take center stage. It’s a shame the music as a whole isn’t more interesting, because Silveira has a great voice, just as ominous here as it is powerful, as well as a good delivery. She manages to sound distinctly feminine while not sounding ‘girly,’ which serves the music well. “Red III” is, basically, one riff played at various intervals around some distorted guitar rumblings. It sounds more like the band literally cut out the interlude of a song and extended it than an actual instrumental. You could argue that it serves as a kind of ambient lead-in to the next song, but it’s just not similar enough in any manner except for guitar tone to really serve as a proper bridge; it sounds random and extraneous.

The namesake song of the single, “Saturn”, is interesting, starting as a slightly up-tempo number, with a decent bass / synth break towards the middle, before switching gears towards a more sinister-sounding groove. The band sounds confident here, with each member giving varied and entertaining performances throughout, and is easily the best song here.

Overall, “Saturn” is by no means a bad release, but there’s not exactly that much to it, due as much to the release medium (single) as to the nature and quality of the music. Aside from Silveira, the rest of the band doesn’t really add a whole lot, though they do have their moments. This is more for die-hard fans of Rock and Doom/ Stoner Metal, as casual fans might not be able to stay interested long enough.

2 Star Rating

1. Red II
2. Red III
3. Saturn
Diana Silveira - Vocals
Alexandre “NH” Mota - Bass Guitar
P. Tosher- Drums
Record Label: Chaosphere Recordings


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