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A Trust Unclean - Reality Relinquished Award winner

A Trust Unclean
Reality Relinquished
by Dominik Chelinski at 21 December 2015, 12:57 AM

Deathcore is a genre that grows really fast, and every small part of time we witness new hegemons of the scene. Many fights for attention, but only few are able to raise above the average. A TRUST UNCLEAN can be considered as such outlier, pretenders for Death Core throne. Loftly word, aren't they? Band appeared somwhere around 15 year ago, and their debut was accepted with open arms by the metal society. Now they come with "Reality Relinquished", the five-piece, 19 minutes long EP in tech-deathcore convention. And you know? This is killer.

Actually when it comes to Death Core, in my own, modest opinion, the technical fraction makes the best impression of balance and overall craftsmanship. Stereotype of 0 - molesting guitarists and china cymbals came from somewhere. In case of A TRUST UNCLEAN it would be a big mistake to categorize them to Death Core mainstream. Of course, you feel clearly to which genre it belongs, and influence by the finest in this category, yet in this case the brutality don't come with  the palm muted open strings in C tune. The culminating tension is effect of good layout, and this is what brings kudos.

And when we actually talk about how they play, it's basically something between THY ART IS MURDER and VULVODYNIA, with nice technical touch. The vocals produced by Joe Corcoran are pretty similar to Chris McMahon's. No, they don't sound similar, but they both changes the way of singing during the songs, from guttural to fiery screams. making it diverse and entertaining. We face these characterizing, climatic lead guitar parts in style of "Reign of Darkness" or "Shadows of Eternal Sin". Add VULVODYNIA's slamming, own technical riffs and nicely located breakdowns and we have great, full of power, tension and diversity album. Yes, this is the moment where many of the Death Core adversaries makes an exception in their view.

Band managed to extract what's best in the genre, add what is missing and make it digestible. Err Digestible - the EP is superb and many agrees on it. Think twice before saying Death Core sucks.

4 Star Rating

1. Enucleation
2. Feckless Traditions
3. Perverse Agenda
4. Incipient Catastrophe
5. Reality Relinquished
Joe Corcoran - Vocals
Steven Hunt - Guitar
Mikey Gee - Guitar
Bobby Hembrow - Bass
Scott Horne - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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