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A Trust Unclean – Parturition

A Trust Unclean
by Jose MaCall at 25 September 2017, 10:33 AM

A TRUST UNCLEAN, what does it mean? Is it like a money thing and they funded it with dirty money by starting secret wars in third world countries? Or is it something to do with relative levels of dirtiness and how willing you are to divulge information as a result? Mysterious band name aside, when I took a gander at the album cover for “Parturition” (it means to spawn offspring) I felt like there was some monstrous tunes coming my way. A freakish mutant glances ominously at the listener, it sits among piles of bones while in the background another monster either captures a scared human or is whispering sweet nothings into their ear using a Cthulhu-style mouth. Regardless of all that sexiness, I still decided to give this one a shot.

I would describe this as Melodic/Technical Deathcore. As an old Metal veteran with all the scars to show for it (You ever get cauliflower ear from listening to Carcass? Eh? You ever watch yer friends die in a wall of death? HUH?! You ever have to hack your way out of a mosh pit with a fire ax because everyone started growing extra limbs and tentacles and started eating the regular humans because the demon summoning ritual the local Black Metal band did on stage worked? NO? Well then you ain’t been in Metal long enough ya pipsqueak!)  I have to say that this release is realm of the Metal Gods-worthy. If you were to tell me that I would not only be listening to Deathcore but digging it, I’d say “You take those skinny jeans and those extra ear holes and you git outta here!” While throwing rocks and ICED EARTH CD’s at you.

However, here we have something I did not expect. Deathcore that’s not just breakdowns (though there are a lot of them), but feature some solid melodic work and interesting changes to the tempo and rhythm. There are the chuggy-chug guitars with the pausing every few seconds, not unlike a buffering video. However they are joined by some phenomenal lead work and melodic sections that separate this from the throngs of other forgettable “core” bands. I will say that some of the shredding is actually a little muted and some of the melodic flair can be harder to pick out amongst all the elements. The drumming is killer, the bass is deep and rumbly, and everything is intense. There is also the addition of some digital effects, samples, and the fact that songs also delve into more straight Death Metal style playing, picking up the pace and charging like a squad of fearless soldiers from that famous battle or whatever.

This album punches hard and comes at you from unexpected angles. The song “Exonerate” is very interesting, featuring some beats at the end and some keys or piano interlaced with the head-busting riffs. “Aeon” is the song that follows and it features what may be carnival music (?) Intermittently making an appearance in what is otherwise a nuclear attack of audio devastation. Personally, I enjoyed the attempt at something different. “Apex” features a fantastic lead to round out an exhilarating fusillade of ripping mayhem. Every track is a jaunt into the bowels of brutality. Another thing I dug was the avoidance of cleans. The band went straight for the throat with a mixture of furious banshee shrieks and monstrous bestial roars. Sorry choir fans and posers, there’s no whiny mewling to be found here, NOW GET BACK IN THE CORNER!

I don’t know if there was one particularly standout song here because every track (Minus the intro with all of its typical introduction noises) is an absolute destroyer. Everything is so uncompromisingly heavy that any one of these songs could be the opening salvo. The changing compositions keep everything interesting and fresh, and really no track outshines any other. Just listen to this album already!


Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Parturition
2. Dominion Over Bone
3. Exonerate
4. Aeon
5. Apex
6. To Encompass and Eclipse
7. Repurposed
8. Aetherius 
Kyle Lamb - Vocals
Steven Hunt - Guitar
Mikey Gee - Guitar
Bobby Hembrow - Bass
??? – Drums
Record Label: Basick Records


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