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A Vulgar Picture - The World I Found Award winner

A Vulgar Picture
The World I Found
by V. Srikar at 27 March 2014, 6:00 PM

Now let me be very frank with you, in the last few weeks I have been looking for more and more Death / Thrash bands across the internet, just in that Death / Thrash mood that my mind is and I did find a few, some good – some bad, so naturally I was really ecstatic when I came across A VULGAR PICTURE. The logo in itself speaks about the brutality of the band’s music. With a wage chaotic logo and album cover, I knew this was going to be a heavy brutal album.

With fast paced catchy head bangable sharp riffs, combined with some nasty brutal guttural vocals “The World I Found” hits you in your face and ears in a beautiful way. While the axe work of Brenden Healey and Arren Mitchell as mentioned earlier bring out really sharp riffs compared to what you hear most on this genre, the riffs give you enough time to head bang and air guitar. The drums of Riche Kideler are mostly filled with continuous blast beats. The bassist James Langstone does a really commendable job and helps the whole music sound much heavier and sounds perfectly placed. On listening to the album more carefully, I realise that there are 2 kinds of vocals here, one being the brutal guttural vocals and the other being more clearer Thrash metal style vocals, and surprisingly both work well for the band and both are done by the same vocalist Arren Mitchel if I’m not mistaken. The screams in “You've Got It Made” are some of the best I have heard in a long time and made be fall in love with Death vocals all over again and the cheesy lyrics heard of the clearer vocals really impress me here and works well for the album. Kudos!.

The album has enough variety to keep the listener hooked to it, like in “Bound To Destruction”, the intro starts off with some nice guitar riffing along with a weird ticking sound in the background, which actually makes sense and gels fantastically with the sound, and then later takes off to its usual heavy faster sound. The band even flirts with a slight doom sound in “Assassinate” bringing out sound juicy riffs. My favourite song has to be the longest track of the album “Dead To The World”, merging innovate Progressive riffs with a one and half minute acoustic piece in the middle and following it up with ANIMALS AS LEADERS style guitar solos, the song has enough variety, flavour and pulp to keep the listener hooked and increases the expectations of the rest of the album. The rest of the album goes along similar lines with which the album started off and I found the album as a whole is satisfactory and has enough teeth in it to keep the listener engrossed and hooked for 40 minutes as a whole. The outro in “Dirty Water”, where the listener is taken to a stream of water flowing and then there is a dark haunting forest sound completing the song, and gives you the feel and visualization of the video game Silent Hill, which is very innovative in my opinion and really shows that the band takes it’s listeners seriously and leaves no stone unturned. While the lyrics speak about nature from what I can articulate, the production is top notch and presents the softer parts of the album beautifully to the listener. The only major critic I have with “The World I Found” is that, I find that the drums are slightly much louder than all other instruments including the vocals, thus slightly unbalancing the album. Otherwise this is a great album and A VULGAR PICTURE created a great album and is sure to create a niche for itself and this being the debut album by the UK Thrashers I have high hopes from them in the future.

4 Star Rating

1. Statement Of Intent
2. Bound To Destruction
3. You've Got It Made
4. Assassinate
5. Unbowed
6. Dead To The World
7. One Magpie
8. Dirty Water
9. Vultures
10. The World I Found
James Langstone - Bass
Brenden Healey - Guitars
Arren Mitchell – Vocals, Guitars
Riche Kideler - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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