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A Wake In Providence – Eternity

A Wake In Providence
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 13 November 2022, 7:16 AM

From Bandcamp, “As one of US Deathcore's initial leading beacon acts, A WAKE IN PROVIDENCE rose to notoriety for their explosive live shows with then-vocalist Will Ramos, now in LORNA SHORE. With the addition of powerhouse Adam Mercer in 2017 taking over vocals, AWIP released “A Darkened Gospel” followed by the album “The Black Sun: The Blood Moon” in 2019. 2022 sees them exploding back into the spotlight with an unstoppable new opus, “Eternity.” The album has nine songs.

“An Odyssey Through the River (Overture)” is the first; a short mood setter. Soft vocals, piano and some symphonic elements lead the sound, followed by deep, death gutturals and rolling drums. “The Horror ov the Old Gods” features some more symphonic elements in support of the main sound, which is dark and cavernous. The vocals vary between screams and gutturals. “We Are Eternity” is another slab of ultra-tight technical metal that you couldn’t squeeze a dime through the cracks. The obligatory breakdown is incredibly dissonant. Harmonized clean vocals don’t last long enough to make much of an impact, however.

“Siamo Legati Dal Terrore” features a complicated sound where the band can stop and start on a dime. There is also a good deal of supporting sounds…piano, thick bass notes, and some heavier symphonic elements. Clean vocals have more of an impact here. “The Hunt of the Wraith” is the first of a three-part movement. Out of the gates, it is aggressive and very fast moving. Thick, complicated rhythms are off set by clean vocals, but the sound is starting to get a bit repetitive. The lead work is pretty impressive, however. “The Book ov the Eldritch” is the second in the movement. It leads with symphonic elements. From there, more complicated rhythms follow. Lead guitars climb into the clouds, dragging blackness with them.

Seguing into the third movement, “The Court ov the Trinity” is the longest, at over seven-minutes. The same heavy brass and string symphonics are used, and the sound is very similar to other tracks. That is the biggest issue I have with the album. The short interlude, “Weep into the Abyss, for it Hears You Not” hardly has any sound to it, and segues into the final song, “Vicious Attenuation.” Unfortunately, it’s more of the same. This is an album for bruisers. There isn’t a lot of melody, which is characteristic of the style. The few instances of its use don’t make a lot of sense to me. A band with this thick mid-section should just stick with it. As I mentioned, the repetitive nature of the sound is my chief complaint. The band are clearly talented, the production is excellent, but their songwriting needs the most work. This is a case of the band just trying to be as tight as possible, but other elements of their sound suffer because of it.

Songwriting: 3
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 3
Production: 8

2 Star Rating

1. An Odyssey Through the River (Overture)
2. The Horror ov the Old Gods
3. We Are Eternity
4. Siamo Legati Dal Terrore
5. The Hunt ov the Wraith (First Movement)
6. The Book ov the Eldritch (Second Movement)
7. The Court ov the Trinity (Final Movement)
8. Weep into the Abyss, for it Hears You Not
9. Vicious Attentuation
Record Label: Unique Leader Records


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