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A.Z. - Brutally Beautiful

Brutally Beautiful
by Dan Mailer at 03 August 2014, 11:47 AM

A.Z. is from Alabama, featuring an interesting blend of styles, that ultimately forms a metal band with an interesting and somewhat experimental style. The album “Brutally  Beautiful” gives us a good long look at the band’s style in a good 17 tracks!

“Four Brothers (intro)” kicks things off, with some crazy stuff happening right away. A cool drum beat builds atmosphere with some nice harmonised vocals and even some violin in there. It gets heavier later on with harsher HARDCORE style vocals later. It’s quite a short track but quite a good beginning to the album.

T-Rex” is the first proper song with choruses and the like, and it has a kind of PROG-METAL style to it with some cool layered vocals and interesting and dynamic musicianship.

Overall, the band crafts it’s sound around having lots of things happening, chunky guitar riffs and bass guitar and heavy drumming underpinning the tracks, with melodic lead guitar work and very dynamic vocals soaring over the top. Tracks like Drive The Nails and Three Days showcase this, also conveying the band’s penchant for fitting a lot of different moments into quite short song lengths, as the average track is between 3 and 4 minutes here. On the whole the band sticks to the heavier stuff, with some softer moments that build tension like in the track Reflux which feels a bit more solemn.

The album ends on “Better Place” which is a nice way to end the album, with some more cool vocal harmonies (one of the highlights of the album for me) and some more cool layered guitar work, with an interesting ending to the song and album.

The production is pretty good, especially on the drums and vocals here, both of which shine the most. The guitars and bass are quite chunky as well.

This is a solid release from the band. 17 tracks may be a bit much for some but the band proves their flair for songwriting, able to pack quite a lot into small chunks rather than going the route of super long songs.

3 Star Rating

1. Four Brothers (Intro)
2. T-Rex
3. Drive the Nails
4. Reflux
5. Sunlight
6. Lucky Day
7. Who Will Save You
8. Dinorar
9. Pteradactlelypse
10. Three Days
11. Never Broken
12. 36 & 4
13. Smoke
14. Six Feet Away
15. Sin Again
16. Mums
17. Better Place
Clark Walker - Vocals, Guitars
Josh Thompson - Guitars
Drew Hobbs - Drums
Buck Gillispie - Bass
Josh Smith - Guitars
Record Label: Independent


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