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Aand? - Aalbum?

by Tom Colyer at 08 August 2014, 4:05 PM

Sweet Jesus.

AAND are one of those unique bands that defy expectation and even break the boundaries of taste to replace the preconceived notions of “good” and “bad” music what an obscene amount of exclamation marks. Fortunately, all you need to do is take one look at either the band themselves or the titles of the songs to know that these guys are game for a laugh and will not be taking themselves too seriously at any point In the future.  They come in full chequerboard regalia and at first glance, you'd be forgiven for thinking they were going to be just another bizarre avant-garde indie band.  Then they open their mouths and start to beat their instruments into submission and it becomes quite clear that these guys are here to make loud, loud music and have a good time.

Their first album “Aalbum” consists of 15 tracks that vary so wildly in genres and sounds that it is almost impossible to pigeon hole them into a neat little sub-genre like so many people want to do these days.   It's refreshing to see a band that overuses punctuation marks in song titles to give them a jaunty, sarcastically shouted feel to them.  It opens with “…Some Shit!”, a pretty bland and generic sounding metal tune.  It is at this point that I was about ready to write them off, there is nothing about the first few songs that jumps out at you as new or different and it all starts to sound like the same old factory processed mush that we get spoon-fed on a daily basis.  It was sometime around the end of the 4th track that I was starting to feel like this all sounded a little too much like a poorly executed sex crime that samples started creeping in and my attitude changed.  When you hear cockerel and donkey samples in Metal, it tends to prick up the ears.  All of a sudden, the album has changed and by the time I had realised that I was listening to a mother fucking harmonica being played over the top of a metal track, I was hooked.  Yes that's right, a harmonica being played – in place of any lead vocals.

And it just kept getting better from there.

Within the space of a few minutes there were kittens, good old English football chants and a metal reworking of the tune to The A-Team.  Holy mother of Joseph I have never come across an album that has turned my opinion so quickly and successfully.  I almost wonder if they wrote the first few songs as a gag, something to fill up a little space before the show got started.  Or maybe if they wrote the start of the album and then realised they were being a bit too serious about the whole thing and decided that taking samples from porn films was a better direction.

Which clearly, it was.

The penultimate song on the album is a masterful cover of the open song from “The Last Of The Summer Wine” which is by this point is not as wholly unexpected as it would have been half an hour ago.

If you want musicianship, emotive songs and highly stylized lyrics and vocals then jog on mate, because AAND are not here to dick around and they will eat your grandmother's failing ovaries for breakfast.

4 Star Rating

1. …Some Shit!
2. …Innit!
3. …This Is Why We Have No Female Shotput Champions
4. …Last Place In The Sack Race
5. …I'm A Mighty Pirate Prepared To Die
6. …Dogs!
7. …This Little Piggy
8. …If You See Me Run!
9. …What Is Wrong With Your Face?!
10. …Pity The Fowl!
11. …Girls!
12. …Tours, Whores And Closed Bus Doors!
13. …Proclivity For The Purple Velvet!
14. …Last Of The Summer Swine!
15. …Makin Bacon!
Dan – Vocals, guitars
Pip – Drums, vocals
Lewis - Bass
Record Label: Independent


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