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Aas - Aas MMXII

by Fiona Murphy at 25 June 2014, 9:57 PM

The best hardcore punk/crossover is as brutal and fast as a speeding train and Hamburg’s AAS lives up to these qualities on their first album, the simply titled “MMXIII”.

The band got together in late 2011, influenced by a mixture of Punk, Grind, Crust and Metal. Originally the band began life as a four piece, but later become a three piece when current singer John Azevedo took over guitar and vocals. Thankfully they don’t seem to have lost any heaviness as a result.

From start to finish, “MMXIII” is unrelenting and uncompromising. I enjoyed listening to it, it was full of passion and energy from start to finish and I could envisage the band kicking off some mega mosh-pits.

“Fading Lights” kicks off the album with the mildness of a sledgehammer and boasts noodling that Dillinger Escape Plan would be proud of. Other notable moments from the album include “Via Sinastra” which has a lovely solo and “10-30-5”, a slower track with a breakdown of bass and drums and a grungy, hypnotic feel running throughout the song.

Final track “Anointed Betrayal” was however, my favourite moment on the album. The ending included samples and feedback demonstrating a Space Rock influence. I thought it was really employed to great effect, and made the last part of the album a thrilling and uncomfortable ride. I actually would have loved to have heard a bit more of this– it set them apart from the pack.

Granted, while the band does try to mix things up a bit, they aren’t breaking new ground overall, apart from a few breakout moments such as those samples.  However, to be fair, to them, most of the big Hardcore type bands don’t either.

But I must stress, what AAS are doing, they do extremely well. The album kept my attention throughout and I was impressed by the musicianship and confidence of the band. They also have shown skill in varying their songs, in structure and riffs. They are progressive in their outlook although they could probably execute that to greater effect in the parts of their album that can sound a little samey.

The band told me that they’re currently working on a concept EP based on the Danish movie "I Lossens Time" (The Hour of the Lynx). This is an ambitious move and I hope it will provide the platform for them to grow further as a band and experiment a lot more. I shall wait for the new EP with bated breath.

4 Star Rating

1. Fading Lights
2. No Interaction
3. Via Sinistra
4. Odd Numbers
5. 10-30-5
6. Taking Credit (For Borrowing the Air)
7. Kinslayer
8. Annointed Betrayal
John Azevedo - Vocals, Guitar
Stellan Krabbe - Drums
Manuel Appel – Bass
Record Label: Independent


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