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Ab-sense - Absence Of Sense (CD)

Absence Of Sense
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 17 June 2009, 10:57 AM

Here comes another self financed release by one more underground Metal band. This time it's AB-SENSE with their Absence Of Sense EP and taking a look at their origin I was more than optimistic about what I would face. If you have spent some time with the local scene there, you will understand why. Oh, I forgot to tell you the place, huh?

The band hails from Patra, Greece. This city has offered bands like REVOLTING BREED, GUINEA PIG, DIMEYES and many more. What about this quintet? Well, these guys decided to pay a visit to Steki Studios (probably a studio within the university of Patra) and record their first release ever. This EP was actually released last year, but what the fuck? AB-SENSE were kind enough to send it (better late than ever as they say) so here is what I have to say regarding their music…

The band mentions SODOM, MORBID ANGEL and the guitar themes of Chuck Schuldiner as it main influences. I can partially agree to that, but I can also add that these guys have filtered their influences through a more modern aesthetic. There are some nice riffs here, but what doesn't really help is the rhythm section. One word that could describe it is anxious. And I say anxious because that's how I feel while listening to John and Thanassis throughout the EP. When there is a fast outbreak, I always felt there was going to be a mistake somewhere. And I admit I found some parts that I still can't understand if there are mistakes or some things were done on purpose.

The production is also kind of weak, making the EP sound kind of buried, something that doesn't help the music rise to the surface. There are some nice ideas here and there, and I believe that if AB-SENSE try a bit harder, manage to have a better sound and work on their music, they have the potential to do something much better than this. Until then…

2 Star Rating

Lies Laid Inside
Absence Of Sense
Shameless Deeds, Appropriate Answers
Vlassis - Vocals
Miltos - Guitar
Apostolis - Guitar
Thanassis - Bass
John - Drums
Record Label: Self Released


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