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Abandoned by Light - Algor Mortis

Abandoned by Light
Algor Mortis
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 13 February 2020, 4:42 AM

Black Metal can be expressed in many different forms, depending on what is the path that musicians would chose. It can be nasty and old fashioned as DARKTHRONE did on its golden age, melodic and symphonic as DIMMU BORGIR does, or brutal and oppressive as MARDUK plays. But DIMMU BORGIR was, on “For all tid” times, one of the pioneers of what can be called Depressive/Melancholic Black Metal, a way that is still used today, as the UK based one man band ABANDONED BY LIGHT shows on “Algor Mortis”, their eighth album.

As said above, the work presented on this release is an introspective and melodically deeper form of Black Metal, with that rusty and crude insight that the genre’s fans are used to. Such approach is not accessible to the greater part of Metal fans due its elements, but to those who understand what the genre expresses, it’s a very good release, with somber and catchy crude melodies, a good technical work (nothing too complicated, but efficient), and a morbid energy that flows from the songs, along a funereal ambiance. Yes, it’s a very good release.

For those used to such Black Metal genre, “Algor Mortis” presents the usual sound quality: morbid and darkened due the melancholic aesthetics of the songs, along with the crude organic set of instrumental tunes. If it could be a bit better (it’s rawer than the needed), it’s not so bad, because it’s not an understandable mass of sound after all. And remembering: this specific Black Metal genre uses such approach.

The morbid and weaving melancholic feeling that flows from “When Darkness Consumes their Eyes” and “Hail the Final Breath of God” (both with very good guitar riffs), the harsh moldy outfit used on the melodies of “Radiant Sickness” and “Defiling the Godhead” (this last one is rich in rhythmic changes and ambiances), and “Blood for All Tears Shed” (oppressive to the bones). The are many resemblances between the vocals tunes of Karhmul and Quorthon, and it can be justified by his excellent version for BATHORY’s “Enter the Eternal Fire”.

Crude and nasty, it’s not so easy to swallow “Algor Mortis”, but ABANDONED BY LIGHT deserves the attention, because its music is really experience for the ears.

Musicianship: 8
Songwriting: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 6

4 Star Rating

1. Beneath the Grey Skies (Dark and Forlorn Silences) (Intro)
2. When Darkness Consumes their Eyes
3. Hail the Final Breath of God
4. Through Chaos and the Closing of the Light
5. Eternal Illuminations
6. Radiant Sickness
7. Defiling the Godhead
8. I Am a Throne Made from Dust
9. Blood for All Tears Shed
10. Enter the Eternal Fire
Karhmul - All instruments, Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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