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Abandoned Souls - Insightful Minds At Ease

Abandoned Souls
Insightful Minds At Ease
by Chelsea Jennings at 16 February 2015, 1:23 PM

ABANDONED SOULS are a five-piece hard rock band from London, Ontario. They are back with their latest release titled “Insightful Minds At Ease” which is out now via Fiend Records.

ABANDONED SOULS’ sound is marked by an abundance of huge, catchy guitar riffs and solos, particularly such as those present on “Leave It Behind” and “Save It All”, which are completely different in sounds, but all add something to the overall hard, heavy Rock sound of the band’s latest release. Some songs sound more melodic such as the previously mentioned “Save It All” and “Anybody” while other songs are more aggressive and upbeat such as “Black”. Vocals on this record range from slow, sad melancholy songs to aggressive, angry vocals.

The overall concept of “Insightful Mind At Ease” is exceptionally uplifting, despite the different tempos to the music, and the various sound throughout the release. “Black” begins in a dark place, where someone is feeling a if other people are pushing him far a he can go before ripping the guts out of his very being, but the listener is reminded in the end that we all have to move on to the future and look for something new in life at some point. People will want to do things that hurt us in life, but we have to chose to have the resolve to move on. It’s not easy, but it’s what we have to do. “Take Yourself Away” discusses the concept that humans are responsible for their own happiness. If someone is not happy with where their life is going, then they must be able to take themselves out of that situation to move on and find their own happiness. No one else can find that for you. “Anybody” is a cry out to see if anyone is listening to someone in dark, depressed state of mind. The song end by reminding people that we must sometimes go out and find someone who will understand us, and listen to our problems to help make things better. They will not always come right to us, but if someone goes out and looks, they will find someone who understands them.

ABANDONED SOULS offer a fresh, new, positive, uplifting form of what otherwise sounds like fairly traditional hard rock. “Insightful Mind At Ease” just reminds everyone that there is always something positive in every situation in life. We have to look for those positive situations. We must continue on and remember that life is beautiful no matter what the situation we find ourselves in.

4 Star Rating

1. Leave It Behind
2. Want & Need
3. Black
4. Save It All
5. Take Yourself Away
6. Anybody
7. Sad Eyes
8. Insightful Minds At Ease
James Todd - lead vocals + bass (studio)
Derek De Kort - lead guitars
Tim Thompson - guitars + backing vocals
Steve Thomas - drums + backing vocals
Ray Solomon - bass (live)
Record Label: Independent


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