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Abbath - Outstrider Award winner

by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 09 August 2019, 10:15 AM

After an internal problem, Abbath parted ways with IMMORTAL and started a new band back in 2015. In 2016, “Abbath” (the band’s first album) came to the light, showing similar style to his previous band, but using different musical elements. And Abbath came to be a new Metal star due his sympathy and for the countless memes with him (personally, I think that he has all the personality features to be a new Lemmy), but he always showed an enormous musical talent. To solidify ABBATH’s career, here is the band’s second release, “Outstrider”.

To call the music that is presented on this album simply as Black metal isn’t fair with it. Obviously it’s a Black Metal album, but with musical layers and elements that presents influences of old Thrash Metal and Death Metal acts, some really amazing melodies and great melodic lines. It’s really a step ahead of the first album, done with courage to sail to deeper waters, but keeping the band’s musical identity.

Olve Eikemo (Abbath’s true name), Ole André Farstad and Endre Kirkesola produced the album (with Endre doing the recording, mixing and engineering as well), with Maor Appelbaum doing the mastering. And everything was done in a way that it has that Black Metal essence pulsing on the sound quality, but always in a way that anyone can understand the band’s musical work, the musical arrangements and everything. And the instrumental tunes are really excellent.

The band presents a completely new line up, and the new members gave some personal shine on the songs (as is shown during the guitar solos). The entire album is excellent, but the insane set of rhythms presented on “Calm in Ire (Of Hurricane)” (the bass guitar and drums technical work improved a lot, but without leaving the song without weight), the Thrash Metal riffing during “Bridge of Spasms” (some moments of the song can remind IMMORTAL’s later works with Abbath, but the morbid melodies on guitar solos is a different feature that matched perfectly with the band) and “The Artifex” (this one bears some guitar structures that can remind you of SODOM’s “Persecution Mania” days, but done in a personal way), the bitter slow paced parts of “Land of Khem”, and the catchy melodies with excellent mid-tempo rhythm of “Outstrider” (this vocal tune is personal of Abbath, and always one of the best on extreme Metal) are the doses of insanity that anyone deserves every single day. And for the Old School Black Metal fans, a gift: a personalized version for BATHORY’s old classic “Pace till Death” (that shows the band’s personality, but without throwing out the original charm of the song).

“Outstrider” is a great album, and it will take the quartet to a higher level into extreme Metal. For the memes, for the sympathy, for the music, #weallareAbbath!

Originality: 10
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Calm in Ire (Of Hurricane)
2. Bridge of Spasms
3. The Artifex
4. Harvest Pyre
5. Land of Khem
6. Outstrider
7. Scythewinder
8. Hecate
9. Pace till Death
Abbath - Vocals, Guitars
Ole Andre Farstad - Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitars, Baritone Guitar, Zither
Mia Wallace - Bass
Ukri Suviletho - Drums 
Record Label: Season of Mist


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Edited 08 December 2022

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