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Abduction - All Pain as Penance

All Pain as Penance
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 30 March 2019, 2:52 AM

Black Metal is an English born Metal genre. VENOM gave birth to it on the end of the 70’s, and others came after. CRADLE OF FILTH came on the 90’s and expanded frontiers in a way that many fans of the genre deny to accept the sextet as a Black metal band. But the mist and haunted lands of UK still are fertile, bringing to life new names, as the one man project ABDUCTION. And it’s releasing its third album, “All Pain as Penance”.

The band’s work is based on a personal form of Black Metal that sounds near of those names from the SWOBM in the 90’s, influenced by German, Greek and Finnish Schools than by Norwegian format. It’s grim, brutal and fast, but with some moments when the technical level increases due some different influences (as the Progressive Black Metal touch on “The Funeral of Cosmic Mastery”). It’s not new, but is personal and bears a musical identity that pulses in the songs. The sound quality, as could be expected from a band on such musical genre, is crude and truly rusty, in the right way for such Black Metal insight. The tunes and clarity were set in a way that the songs can be harsh and filthy, but in a way that the listener can understand what the songs are trying to show. It’s not perfect, but the final result is very good.

The album presents seven very good songs that every Black Metal fan that misses the 90’s must hear. But the melancholic touch given by the keyboards on “Infinite Ancient Hexes”, the charming introspective parts in the middle of the fast tempos of “Ultra Terrestrial”, the harsh and bitter melodies of “Prayer of Electrocution” (very good guitar riffs), and the brutal and funereal “Seven Apparitions of Suffering” (good work on bass guitar and drums) are the ones that the fans will love at first listening.

ABDUCTION is really a very good name, and “All Pain as Penance” deserves to be heard for all extreme Metal fans.

Originality: 8
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Infinite Ancient Hexes
2. Ultra Terrestrial
3. Convulsing at Baalbek
4. Embattled
5. Prayer of Electrocution
6. Seven Apparitions of Suffering
7. The Funeral of Cosmic Mastery
A|V - All instruments, Vocals
Record Label: Interna Profundus Records


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