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Abductum - The Unrevealed Truth

The Unrevealed Truth
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 19 September 2013, 5:12 PM

The probability of the human race to be alone is quite a complicated matter, unresolved for many years. But there are people out there that consider this enigma as a sort of conspiracy, a hoax against mankind to believe that it there is life in our system, but the governments are hiding the truth on purpose. For what sort of gain? Unknown, but believe me that there are those that have been dwelling on this particular question for a long time, and until the unrevealed truth will bare its fangs to the populace, for better or worse, they will apparently never stop. I guess that the members of the Spanish Thrash Metal band ABDUCTUM have been envisaging on the same subject themselves that they decided to base their entire theme on matters of extraterrestrials, the lies and the outside world. With the release of their debut, “The Unrevealed Truth”, ABDUCTUM also attested to their surroundings that they aren’t your common old school Thrash Metal act, but beyond that. Following their musical perspectives, the truth isn’t ugly after all.

Virtually, ABDUCTUM, musically, seemed to have strong American ties deeply rooted in early METALLICA as a powerbase, yet also with a few referrals of other Thrash outputs as 90s FLOTSAM AND JETSAM, technical nature of HADES and a tidy bit of NUCLEAR ASSAULT’s semi-Hardcorish nature. On the other hand, ABDUCTUM proved themselves to be rather artistic, complexing their tracks other than just being totally straightforward with a Thrash force by instigating elements of IRON MAIDEN such as the soloing and melodic decorations. I can’t really recognize ABDUCTUM’s material as technical, but surly they were trying to standout. In general, “The Unrevealed Truth” did stand out, showcasing the high level of playing of the foursome, even with minor slips, producing intricate Thrash combos that led out to several good results such as the feisty catchy opener, “Mantricide” and molesting Thrash mania of “The Proud Pariah”, which showed a fair measure of exquisite diversity. The epic “The Unrevealed Truth” is also a nice treat, articulately melodic with multitude of Metal playing within the classical era, yet I at times the vocals seemed to drag along after the music, nothing commanding just plain the repetitive. As for other tracks, I found fillers, which weren’t that bad like “Damazonia”, which appeared like an attempt to recreate the sensations of the previous number, and “Our Master Lie” that deemed as a promising straightforward assault yet with no venom. Furthermore, the album’s engineering might have created a late 80s sound spectrum that was appealing to my ears, but the mixing wasn’t that great, only decent.

It has been a while since the last time I tuned to a late 80s oriented tech Thrash manifestation. I found myself a good niche within the proximity of ABDUCTUM’s material. I would say above the solid stuff, crushing riffery stepping out of well-known formulas, seeking to become dissimilar than others. “The Unrevealed Truth” may perhaps not be as mysterious as the question it arises, but it is enough to keep your heads in constant move.   

3 Star Rating

1. Mantricide
2. Damazonia
3. Turn It Off!
4. The Proud Pariah
5. Across the Cosmic Shores
6. Our Master Lie
7. No My Mermaid
8. The Unrevealed Truth
Noël Puente - Guitar
Javi Puente - Vocals
Mario Jiménez - Drums
Francisco Molero (Kiski) - Bass
Record Label: Independent


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