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Abest - Bonds of Euphoria

Bonds of Euphoria
by Cherie Wong at 14 January 2020, 6:22 AM

On November 22, 2019, AB·EST released “Bonds of Euphoria,” their sophomore full-length album, on both Moment Of Collapse Records and This Charming Man Records. Since their formation in 2011, AB·EST has released a split with ABSOLUTIST in 2013, their debut album “Asylum” in 2014, and an EP titled “Last” in 2016.

AB·EST hails from Germany, which is surprising considering their brand of sludgy post-metal music. Their sound is thoroughly reminiscent of early ISIS and NEUROSIS.It is difficult to describe what stands out on this album because every last bit of it is great. AB·EST shows that artists don’t need long tracks to transform or evolve the music. The pummeling guitar riffs change from sludge to hardcore to blackened and back again. The transitions are quick but seamless courtesy of the dynamic drumming. Altogether, “Bonds of Euphoria” is a short full-length album at only about 22 minutes long. However, even the short tracks “Remnant Fault” and “Rudimentary Need” pack a lot of aggression. The guests artists featured on this album are Ghariz Haris on “Remnant Fault,” vocalist Fabian van Beek (of GALL) on “Bonds of Euphoria,” and Michel (of REKA) on “Thriving In Terror.”

The opening track is “Endure.” It begins slowly, but a drum beat quickly establishes a faster pace. Thanks to the frantic drumming, the chunky and low riffs don’t get feel as if they’re dragging. Next is “Lockjaw,” which starts with a wall of sound sludgy riff that quickly blackens in style and atmosphere. This interplay of sounds is what makes AB·EST so good. The next track I will comment on is the fourth track “Dread.” The riffs throughout are low and heavy from the combination of the bass and the down-tuned guitar. Again, the drumming really keeps the pace of the track as it goes from restrained rhythmic drumming to blast beats. The closing track is “Thriving in Terror.” Of note is the culminating chuggy riff towards the end of the track.

Overall, I highly recommend the album “Bonds of Euphoria” to fans of extreme metal of the hardcore inspired variety. The songs are short but pack a lot of punch. There is nothing unnecessary on this short album; each song is full of unique riffs. Roiling sludgy guitar and bass riffs combine with excellent drumming to create a foreboding and heavy post-metal sound.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Endure
2. Lockjaw
3. Remnant Fault
4. Dread
5. Rudimentary Need
6. Bonds of Euphoria
7. Thriving in Terror
Joscha – Guitar/ Vocals
Patrick – Bass/ Vocals
Rezy – Drums
Record Label: Moment of Collapse Recordsq


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