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Abest – Molten Husk

Molten Husk
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 03 August 2022, 11:25 AM

Following up the critically acclaimed “Bonds of Euphoria” LP, ABEST have come back swinging with an even more unruly mix between Metal and Hardcore. “Molten Husk” is their most forward thinking work yet, finding the band breaking through the barriers of contemporary Post Metal. It continues where the previous album left off but pushes the boat out even further, incorporating influences from different genres as well as a constant personal and musical progression. The album contains eleven tracks.

“Through the Veins” is the first. It’s a heavy and eerie mix of guitars and harsh vocals. A cold nihilism is present in the music. “Narrative Subtracted” is another short and intense offering of sterility. The song barely has time to breathe, but so far the first two tracks are pretty similar in terms of their scope. The title track is most indicative of the sound, and it’s pretty obvious that the band intends on shoving this sound down your throat. It’s like GOJIRA, but without the Progressive leanings. “Rendition of Truth” is the first song that brings a little emotion with it, although that emotion is anger and hatred. But again, the first few songs here are very similar.

“Bulging Aversion” brings a little diversity in the vocals and guitars, but that same blueprint is still present. But the short length of these songs leaves little time for any progression to develop. “Through the Concrete” isn’t even a full two minutes. Again, no time for any development, as it’s over before you know it. “Cognitive Empathy” is just over a minute-and-a-half in length. It’s the shortest song on the album, and is barely memorable. “Obliteration” closes the album. It’s a slower grind of sterility as everything is frozen solid and coated in thick ice. Try to break it, and it’s impossible.

I like the sound that they band develops on the album, but the problem is that nearly every track has the same length and same sound. Once you get to the third or fourth song, it gets old. Plus, they really haven’t developed anything special on the album. In Post Metal, one can at least expect some surprises. Nothing of the sort is present here, and I am disappointed.

Songwriting: 4
Musicianship: 5
Memorability: 2
Production: 6

2 Star Rating

1. Through the Veins
2. Narrative Subtracted
3. The Twitched Veil
4. Molten Husk
5. Rendition of Truth
6. Possessor
7. Bulging Aversion
8. Through the Concrete
9. Into a Mirrored Hall
10. Cognitive Empathy
11. Obliteration
Joscha Bauer – Guitars, Vocals
Patrick Siegmann – Bass, Vocals
Mochammad Rezy Diandra Putra – Drums
Record Label: Moment of Collapse Records


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