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Abhorration - After Winter Comes War

After Winter Comes War
by Andrew Harvey at 23 February 2022, 5:57 AM

All the way from the regions of Scandinavia, specifically Norway where death metal quartet called ABHORRATION are from and these metalheads are no stranger from Norway where two other bands I have reviewed before which were BOLT and ENSLAVED. So following in the mix of death metal predominantly with some black metal influences, ABHORRATION are ready to rock your socks off with their demo release titled AFTER WINTER COMES WAR.

This release comes through the record label Invictus Productions who are actually based in Dublin, Ireland. The EP or demo release was recorded in May or June 2021 and was mixed then by lead guitarist ARILD MYREN TORP before being mastered in THE FORGE MUSIC PRODUCTIONS in September later that year. The band themselves include singer MAGNUS GARATHAN (HECATOMB and MABUSE), then there is bassist ANDREAS HAGEN (MABUSE, RESONAUT, SADHAK and BLACK MAGIC) then finally there is drummer ØYVIND KVAM (PULSAR, PURPLE, HILL WITCH and BLACK VIPER).

The compilation opens with “After Winter Comes War” crashes with energy and drive from drums & guitar pulling the vocals or bass guitar along the way. Vocals seem to symbolize more aggression and agitation where guitar has more destructive and harmonic ring to its tone. Drums are certainly objective, striving for mass devastation with pulse-racing rhythms which are appealing. This intro track lasting 5 minutes is a direct starting point for what is to come.

“Ten Trenches Of Malebolge” is opening with cymbal hits bouncing off hard death metal drumming, plus melodic guitar cutting through the mix. Vocals seem to take the backseat here at times allowing other instruments punch through with projection and killer guitar hooks. There are some hints of guitar feedback or resonance. “Desecrate The Exploits Of God” starts with cymbal hits and explosive combinations of all instruments although vocals take a step back. There is certainly a lot of death metal vibes in this track with hardcore noise of guitar or drums. Tempo does slow down further on into the track, in this five-minute track with double kick pattern bringing the momentum forward. As we make a quick transition into the fourth and final track “The Great Storm Of Putrefaction” as we come to the end of this compilation of wild tracks.

As the guitar and drums break loose and go absolutely crazy like any death metal band would as vocals shout when they appear. Then it is full steam ahead to the very end with metallic drumming alongside hardcore guitar as vocals spit out words of annihilation. For a death metal band such as ABHORRATION they certainly give 100% commitment achieving full strength with their intentions to detail. A promising act from Norway, I am sure these guys won’t disappear too quickly, maybe a chance for a full album release, only time will tell and who knows, they may sound incredible live as well.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. After Winter Comes War
2. Ten Trenches Of Malebolge
3. Desecrate The Exploits Of God
4. The Great Storm Of Putrefaction
Magnus Garathan - Vocals and Guitars
Arild Myren Torp - Guitars (Lead)
Andreas Hagen - Bass Guitar
Øyvind Kvam - Drums
Record Label: Invictus Productions


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