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Abhorrent Deformity - Slaughter Monolith Award winner

Abhorrent Deformity
Slaughter Monolith
by Kayla Hutton at 01 August 2018, 6:17 AM

From Charlotte, North Carolina ABHORRENT DEFORMITY is set to release their second album "Slaughter Monolith" on August 3, 2018, via Comatose Music. Gotta love when bands change it up. Typically the atmospheric, acoustic guitar surrounded by the subtle dancing of dark pads in euphoric unison, later topped off with the kind of breeze you hear before a storm rolls in would be the albums intro track. Not in this case. In order to hear that track you need to skip to track nine, “Necrotizing Fasciitis.” Don’t get me wrong “Symptom Conception” is a good intro, “Necrotizing Fasciitis” could have very well been added on. “Sexually Transmitted Coma” is just relentlessly musically violent. Skinning the knees one layer at a time with guitar squeaks and squeals that are impaling to the eardrum and arousing to hear as a guitar player. Death metal can be monotonous from time to time. It’s bands like this that come around and present some neat little tricks that contribute some innovation. The vocals offer variations in tone that are at times audible enough to make out a few words here and there before dropping to bowel spasming lows that could move some indicators on the U.S.G.S.Richter scaling instruments.

"The 2016 Esoteric Model" walks in like an unstoppable monster. The monster that is elusive due to its agile and swift fury. While the drums blast and the single notes are picked as if to be racing for a prize, they remain neck and neck in their accelerated torrential force. This is the kind of speed that makes drum machines look lazy. “The Fine art of Amputation” shows a little diversity in the guitar playing style. Played in a higher key, a little more harmonizing and charming as it stretches across the scale. It's not exact but it posses an element similar to Swedish death metal. My main focus throughout this album is the drums. The kick rolls just pummel through the mix and are truly the heartbeat driving ABHORRENT DEFORMITY. His technique and ability make me understand the way people felt when they first turned on a light bulb. Standing almost catatonic with your jaw dropped open.

Three Piece Flesh Suit” is a prime example. I thought Gene Hoglan was a machine. This guy is just intense. Blast beats are so, yesteryear. Now its the incorporation and use of the entire kit while staying true to the time and knowing exactly where to place it. The mixing is also fantastic. Doing it literal justice by capturing that moment when you are jolted out of bed at 3:00 am by your neighbors Harley and the rumbling bass feels as if it is going to rip through your chest. ABHORRENT DEFORMATION do have song titles very reminiscent of CANNIBAL CORPSE, and there is a hint of their influence in the music. But these guys take it a step further, maybe a couple steps actually. For this being their 2nd release they sound like they’ve been educated and well practiced for more years than I’ve been alive. Make no mistake, this album will not disappoint. If you want your ass handed to you, these guys will do it.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Symptom Conception
2. Sexually Transmitted Coma
3. Ripped from a Mother's Mutilated Womb
4. 2016 Esoteric Model
5. Three Piece Flesh Suit
6. Of Blood and Cum
7. Fine Art of Amputation 03:15
8. Swamp of Intestines
9. Necrotizing Fascitis
10. Purification Through Bodily Dismemberment
11. Vermin Burial
12. Unspeakable Perversity
Jason Keating - Guitar
Mark De Gruchy - Vocals
Matthew Green - Drums
David Wright - Bass
Record Label: Comatose Music


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