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Abhorrent - Katabasis

by Craig Rider at 20 June 2020, 7:46 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: ABORRENT; signed via Australis Records, hailing from Chile grounds - performing Death/Thrash Metal, on their 3rd Full-Length album entitled: "Katabasis" (released April 12th, 2020). Since formation in 1987 - 1989 (as ACCURST); renaming under the monkier ABORRENT in 1989, the quartet in question have 2 Demos: "Instrumental Adv. Tape" (released in 1992); "Christianicide" (released in 1993), a Compilation entitled: "History Of The World's End" (released July 17th, 2013), and 3 Full-Length albums with the first being: "Start Point" (released in 1996); "Heridas" (released on April 1st, 2011), and this here 3rd album that I am introduced to entitled: "Katabasis". 8 tracks ranging at around 40:08, ABHORRENT arrange an intricately designed formula of Death/Thrash amalgamations.

"Candicate To Punishment" begins the record; conveying a gnarly amount of acoustics with a pulsating but furiously driven bass line, advancing with this thunderously groovy execution of riveting riffs & rhythmically but amplified adrenaline. Raising the bar into a blistering barraged frenzy of drony but grindy fretworks, solidfying this slab of thunderously punchy tightness & a boisterously bouncy synergy of sonically seamless pursuits which utilizes uniquely versatile vehemence with this systematic pattern of chugging gallops that immersively intensifies with volatile hooks in which stampedes with rollicking trailblazing. Consisting of Luis mella on vocals; the frontman excels with this raspy throatiness of snarls that compile gruesomely guttural growls, while demonstrating these surging pipes that showcase this primitively raw aesthetic…implementing a grandiose manifestation of monstrously savage lungs in which yell & roar with shouty barks that bleed into eardrums with mellifluously malevolent rage.

"Sabbat" constructs an embellishing experimentation of hybrid elements, dimensioned into an gritty component of rapidly swift nimbleness & dextrous guitar dynamics from Richard Ayala…distributing a progressively technical stability to scorch these maelstrom melodies with potently quirky snappiness. Meticulously crafting a crunchy contrast of this momentous maximum of killer jumpiness, lacerating hardened hymns that shred with this meaty foundation of borderline substance & organic skill, resulting this neck-breaking but bulldozing finesse of triggering calamities that will make you break chairs over other chairs! "Ruling Dynasty" shows off the innovative haste of the band; establishing a distinctively distinguished songwriting process that while staying true to the roots of old-school death thrash and bay area tactics of detailed density, they never fail to broaden their landscape of imaginative ideas that still please me with this scattering smothering of skyrocketing variety. Piledriving with this rambunctious pummelling of punishing slams from hammering drummer Freddy Ayala; battering his set with steely precision and an integral but chaotic performance that rumbles with reverberating & sometimes ritualistic bombardments, injecting chunky dose of venomous deadliness from everyone…fuelled with this hostile integrity which salubriously ramps up with this upbeat overarch of wildly rushing sharpness with razor-tearing of seething trembling. Showing no mercy nor remorse to merge this unprecedented yet maliciously remedious ramification of hypnotically captivating musicalities of adventurous but euphonically complex arsenal, unfraid to be differentially influenced but effectively impactful tenfold.

"Men's Decadence" represents this rowdy spectrum of static that perseveres with viciously sinister velocites while unleashing this wrath of persistently visceral havoc; harnessing these machine-gun bass audibilities from Rodrigo de la Hoz, infectiously strumming this wicked tendency to thump with diligently detailed harmonies. Armed to the brim with prog-like proliferations, and a heavy armament of distorted beat-downs while enriched with a healthy flair of blast-beats that explode with a combustible rift of unassailable strength…multiplied with prodegiously prestigious bitterness in which oscillates with this outrageous yet refreshing flexibility to converge death thrash with techy prog vibrancy with professional talent. "The Deludge" revolves around a quintessential virtuosity to modernize these aforementioned characteristics with this trait of tempestuously spellbinding sturdiness; shattering windows with monolithic tempos which sulphurously articulates this bestial invasion of crisp but doomy sophistication, while the trippy "Ilamando" provides this eerily daunting offering of fuzzy ambiency that you would not expect to find on such a recording yet on the contrary…it fits really well with its sombre yet electrifying tone. The penultimate track "NN (No Name)" (still a creative title); subjugates this ominous stimulation to revel with this outside of the box flow, stomping with bruising beefiness & a mighty kick of exemplary fulfillments that speed with unorthodox styles.

Overall concluding "Katabasis" with the finale crusher "Human Infection"; I am compelled to say that ABHORRENT certainly outdone themselves with this one, right off the bat I knew momentarily that this would be one of those "grow on me" type records…however, only after a few listens I was indeed dead wrong with that incentive as it didn't take long to appreciate such total pandemonium. Everything has fresh ingredients with visionary potential, and breath-taking productivity…ruthlessly engaging one in this totally distracting spectacle of epic chiselling with extreme noise terror. Bottom line; ABHORRENT are definitely a discovery worthy of your attention, distilling a frantic differentiate of stunning musicianship with memorable production equalities that slays with utmost respect. Do check them out!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. ( 7:25 ) Candidate to Punishment
2. ( 4:38 ) Sabbat
3. ( 5:13 ) Ruling Dynasty
4. ( 7:16 ) Men's Decadence
5. ( 4:24 ) The Deludge
6. ( 2:57 ) Llamando
7. ( 3:37 ) NN (No name)
8. ( 4:38 ) Human Infection
Rodrigo De La Hoz - Bass
Freddy Ayala - Drums
Luis Mella - Vocal
Richard Ayala - Guitars
Record Label: Australis Records


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Edited 04 February 2023

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