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Abigail Williams - Walk Beyond The Dark Award winner

Abigail Williams
Walk Beyond The Dark
by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 17 November 2019, 10:42 PM

Back in March 2018 Sorceron quit THE FACELESS. He started the reason was to focus on this album. So it’s had 18 months of work done to create this. ABIGAIL WILLIAMS has the weirdest history of band members. They currently have just the one full time band member. They have another additional 2 in ex-THE FACELESS drummer Bryce Butler and guitarist Bryan O' Sullivan, who was briefly the bassist of this band back in 20012 to 2013. Still following? Enough about the weird band history. Let’s see if quitting THE FACELESS was worth it.

I Will Depart” kicks off the album superbly. The slow build-up works well to add depth from the off. Vocally it is very easy to keep up with the flow, which is sometimes an issue within the Black metal sub-genres. The drum beat is steadily increased into the 2nd quarter of the song. You can hear the guitar in the background attempting some more technical riffs, which work. The song has more emphasis on building the progression of the song, which good to hear. You can appreciate each section of the song far more clearly. The other good thing about the song s how it never seems to fade out, it is full dedication that fills the song from start to finish.

Sun and Moon” has a way more progressive sounding side to it, but as that Prog Black Metal sound is mixed with the heavy, coarse vocals as well as several good riffs, the song is made into a fantastic mix. The start is slow, building up nicely. The song sounds like something IHSAHN would be working on, which is by no means an insult. The buildup works so well to keep you wanting to explore more.

Black Waves” has a Black / Prog feel to it once more. The start feels like it a ticking time bomb. It dies down into a slow bridge. The pace has moved into a more ambient tempo. The vocals enter once more to allow a new depth to enter the song. It is slow moving, but it’s like a gentle sea wave, it still carries you with it. Which is no pun intended. The song progresses into a stance once more. The only issue some may say, it that it doesn’t go anywhere. Though if you can appreciate the artistic styles that are thrown around in here you will witness the true dark beauty of the song. Embrace it, and you will love it.

Into the Sleep” has a higher tempo, maybe more what you’d expect from a Black Metal sound. The guitar technical skills are on show here to hear and appreciate more. A new depth and sound is what the album needed to save worrying about the sound blending into one. The does slow down towards the end, but the intensity of the vocals is kept up well so it feels like an entire new sound. A great change of speed for the album, not too soon, and not too far into the album. Well played

It is a great album. Sorceron left THE FACELESS to work on this. It was worth it, the dedication and effort shown into this album is fantastic. The control and balance shown is there to hear. The Prog side mixed with Ambience and Black Metal works perfectly to create an aura through song. Well worth your time to listen to. This would even be a good starter album to get into ABIGAIL WILLIAMS.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. I Will Depart
2. Sun and Moon
3. Ever So Bold
4. Black Waves
5. Into The Sleep
6. Born Of Nothing
7. The Final Failure
Ken "Sorceron" Bergeron – Everything

Mike Heller – Drums
Bryan O' Sullivan – Bass
Chris "Kakophonix" Brown – Cello
Andrew Markuszewski – Guitars
Justin McKinney – Guitars
Record Label: Blood Music


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