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Abigor – Leytmotif Luzifer

Leytmotif Luzifer
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 07 August 2014, 10:49 PM

ABIGOR is a long standing Black Metal band, formed in 1993, from Austria.  To date they have released five demo albums, five EPs, and eight studio albums.  “Leytmotif Luzifer” is their ninth studio album, and contains seven tracks.  “Temptation I Ego” leads us off.  This is intense, brutal Black Metal in the vein of DIMMU BORGIR.  Both bands formed around the same time and released their first recordings in 1994.  Blast beat drumming, and impossibly fast picked guitars permeate the landscape of sounds, and the vocals are more discernable than many of the Black Metal bands who stay traditional.  The music is very dark, sinister and relentless.  “Temptation II Stasis” is a little slower in pace, with some dissonance to the main accord.  The focus in this track is on the power and punch of the accents.  Again there is a very evil sound, as if you were hearing this while you were in hell itself.  “Temptation III Akrasia” begins with a voice so foul it could be Lucifer in the flesh, leading an army of demons in an assault on the earth.  The track twists and turns with varying meters, rhythms and keys in an amorphous way, barely holding together a common structure.  It also holds a real air of mystery this way.

“Temptation IV Indulgence” is more of a mid-tempo number, with some eerily chanted clean vocals.  I am again left with a feeling of wanting to look over my back to make sure nothing is waiting in the darkness.  The segue into “Temptation V Neglect” is a smooth one, as the pace and fervor pick back up.  This song is strong in the vocal and guitar riff sections in particular.  I daresay there is a discernable chorus here among everything else that is going on.  Temptation VI Compos Mentus” is a slower, grinding, bringer of death, with a scythe on the back of a pale horse.  The evil imparted in this track is nothing short of impressive.  “Temptation VII Excessus” rounds out the album.  It’s a long, agonizing, lamenting track that encompasses a wide array of sounds, but remains very deep and dark at its core.  There is no denying the power and strength of this album in the genre of Black Metal.  Their brand of music is an assault on your senses, leaving you with feelings of dread, but energizing you at the same time.  The sparing use of clean vocals, for me,  are when the band wants to give the music a shape or an icon, a dark figure for which the music is a tribute.  I can literally conjure up the image while I am listening.  I would recommend this to all fans of this genre.

4 Star Rating

1. Temptation I Ego
2. Temptation II Stasis
3. Temptation III Akrasia
4. Temptation IV Indulgence
5. Temptation V Neglect
6. Temptation VI Compos Mentus
7. Temptation VII Excessus

No Instruments Listed
Record Label: Avantegarde Music


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