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Abinchova - Wegwiser Award winner

by Zakk Belkin at 07 August 2014, 4:20 PM

 I've never been too much into all this act of Pirate Metal, or Folk Metal, or whatsoever, but I got here a very interesting job. "Wegwiser" is a new, fresh from the stove Folk Metal album that was released a little more than a month ago, in the 4th of July. Switz Folk Metal is the prime priority of the seven musicians of ABINCHOVA. Melodic Folk tunes and crushing Thrash and Death Metal riffs are what characterize the sound of this metal band. Guitar solos, fiddle, and keyboard go hand in hand, further enriching the structure of the music.

The song "Praludium" is rather an acoustic performance with vocals of Arnaud Hilfiker. Honestly, this voice reminds me the vocalist of the band ALESTORM, as well as the guitar over here in this song. The following song, "Handgeschrieben" starts like a song by a Power Metal band, melts into a Death-Metal like line, then you can hear the familiar violin and female vocals made by Nora Lang, alongside with Arnaud's growling. This song is an amazing work, which is very similar to the band ELUVEITIE. The solo here fiddles together Patricia Lang's Keyboard power and David Zemp's & Alexandre Hiltmaa's Guitars. "Wandlung" is rather a more powerful, more Death Metal influenced song. I can't really refer to many bands in the Folk Metal genre, since I'm not an expert in this fields of Metal. Same as "Handgeschrieben" the melodies between the guitars and the keyboard is amazing, it has a very long, very technical solo that will not disappoint any of the listeners, either if they're into DRAGONFORCE like play, or HAMMERFALL like guitar solos. At this point of the album, there's no going back. You MUST hear it until the end. "Vom grünen Grund" features aside from your daily Folk Metal song Opera-like vocals by Nora Lang. It like somehow EPICA collided into this amazing world of Folklore Metal. Honestly? I think this review will really get me into the Folk music, not just Metal. The band ABINCHOVA truly making here amazing music and everyone need to hear this album. As always, a very technical solo involving a violin, guitars and keyboarding coming up to crush you. The following song, "Flaschengeist" left me with my mouth open. It's like somehow Chuck Schuldiner's (DEATH) vocals somehow emerged with a Slavic-like Folk Music. It actually left me with my mouth open. I really recommend this song for everyone. "Sturmgeweiht" can be described in one word only – Fascinating. While starting as an ambient song, it slowly evolves into an epic track, ABINCHOVA did here an amazing collide between the electronic world and the acoustic world, guitar rhythms, keyboards licks and amazing vocals turns this song into an epic work of art. "Unbenannt" is another DRAGONFORCE-like song, another great solo with dark, heavy growls.

The band really knows how to merge together folk instruments altogether with electric guitars and Death Metal vocals. The following song, "Unter der Erde" gives more a Black Metal-like feel, since it's written in a more minor scales, and the growls turned into screams here. What you didn't expect to find in a Black Metal song you find here – much more technical and melodic solo. "Felsenfrass" once again involves Nora's vocals alongside with Arnaud's growls. This song have a heavy influence of the Beauty and the Beast singing technic. The last song of the album, simply can't be described in words. "Echo" is pure 8 and half minutes of audio paradise. Another album that I praise.

ABINCHOVA did an amazing work here, yet something missing for me. While they are a growing power in a genre of very complicated music, sometimes you feel like they repeat themselves over the songs. Summing up my words here, I really enjoyed listening to this album, and recommend everyone to listen to it.

4 Star Rating

1. Präludium
2. Handgeschrieben
3. Wandlung
4. Vom grünen Grund
5. Flaschengeist
6. Sturmgeweiht
7. Unbenannt
8. Unter der Erde
9. Felsenfrass
10. Echo
Nora Lang – Vocals, Violin
Arnaud Hilfiker – Vocals
Manuel Wiget - Bass
Alexandre Hiltmann – Guitar
David Zemp - Guitar
Patricia Lang - Keyboard
Mischa Blaser – Drums
Record Label: SAOL Music


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Edited 06 December 2022

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