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Abomination - Tragedy Strikes (Reissue)

Tragedy Strikes (Reissue)
by Nick Webb at 24 December 2016, 12:13 AM

Coming only a year after their debut, “Tragedy Strikes” is the second full-length from Chicago Death-Thrashers ABOMINATION. Originally released in 1991, this nine-track album has lost none of the heavy-hitting, anger-filled passion of their debut. The album does, however, show some development of sound. The tracks tend to be closer to five minutes long - as opposed the three-minute pieces of their debut - and there are a few more areas of variety throughout, with more pronounced solo passages and some slightly slowed-down, more groove-inspired sections.

“Will They Bleed” has a noticeably slower pace yet it does not lose any of the album’s fury (think more PANTERA as opposed to SLAYER). Lyrically, there is still a lot more death and destruction to be found here, however, there seems to be a much more militant and political vibes as opposed to the hell and demonic themes of ABOMINATION’s self-titled first album. “Tragedy Strikes” is more anti-industrial, anti-war in its leanings. The vocal style has lost some of the guttural, Proto-Death Metal sound, and is closer to the sounds of modern Thrash singers – applying more of a “throaty yell”.

The tacks all utilise their slightly increased length in order to have a bit more fun with the grooves. Yes, the full-throttle Thrash holds the majority of the time, pushing the tempo furious speeds for the majority of the time, but whilst also allowing the groovier sections to breathe. The solos are also slightly extended, with cascades of notes and high-pitched squeals tearing up the fretboard.

This is a great slice of classic Thrash and Death Metal crossover work; from a period of time when the two sub-genres were still separate. “Tragedy Strikes” avoids what have become satanic clichés, whilst remaining brutal, heavy and fast-paced. This is an album that doesn’t let go from start to finish.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

  1. Blood for Oil
  2. They're Dead
  3. Pull the Plug
  4. Will They Bleed
  5. Industrial Sickness
  6. Soldier
  7. Kill or be Killed
  8. Oppression
Paul Speckmann – Vocals & Bass
Aaron Nickeas – Drums
Dean Chioles – Guitar
Record Label: Doomentia Records


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