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Abomination - Abomination (Reissue)

Abomination (Reissue)
by Joganegar at 28 January 2022, 11:53 PM

Relentless is the word that best defines ABOMINATION, after what some may call too long, the band reissues its first full-length album, originally launched in 1991. I have never been a fan of reissues, but then again, who am I to know what professional musicians with well cemented careers are supposed to do. A continuous and undying effort is what has made this band and this album what it is; tenacity may be the best feature of both thrash metal and thrash metal musicians only paralleled by well oiled heavy duty machines, when it comes to enduring the mechanical and perpetual clanking and pounding that will render the strong steel that makes the sinews of this sub genre’s essence.

Denouncing the perpetual bondage of the industrial and white collar workers to the powers to be all across the world, Thrash Metal continues to represent an undying force now with the evolution of bands like HAVOK and bands that can be located from each time more eclectic nations and this reissue i a well cemented testimony of how things might have changed in the last decades.

With lyrics that would get any parent’s panties in a bunch, the gist of the songs may not be very suitable for today’s politically correct society but regardless of that will calm the minds of the hard-core enthusiasts of this subgenre; with titles like “Murder, Rape Pillage and Burn” and “Suicidal Dreams” you can get a good idea of what this band is all about.

The scourge of time might have taken its toll on this subgenre a little bit harder than it has done on others, and unless you are able to wander the vaults of the Metal Temple as an active member or reader can do alike; you probably believe that bands lie ABOMINATION could be very well members of a dying breed, but being allowed to write for this organism of international Metal Heads i can ensure that the reissue of their self entitled album originally launched in 1991 will be home free when it comes to finding a place amongst today’s scene.

The raw power of Thrash Metal is depicted in a memorable cover art that resounds and serves as a great introduction to the powerful music you are about to encounter when approaching this album. Drinking beer, wearing a bullet belt and looking like you just stepped out of a battle royale in a high security prison might just become present in today’s youth when listening to ABOMINATION.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. The Choice
2. Murder, Rape, Pillage and Burn
3. Reformation
4. Redeern Deny
5. Possession
6. Suicidal Dreams
7. Life and Death
8. Victim of the Future
9. Tunnel of Damnation
10. Follower
11. Impending Doom
Paul Speckman - Vocals and Bass
Aaron Nickeas - Drums
Record Label: MDD Records


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Edited 26 January 2023

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