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Abominator - Evil Proclaimed Award winner

Evil Proclaimed
by Paulomaniaco at 13 February 2015, 1:55 AM

The Australian Metal scene is growing stronger and stronger and more bands are coming to life as well as more bands from America and Europe going down under to perform live, Metal has no boundaries.

ABOMINATOR is one of those bands that have been fighting for the Aussie scene, formed in 1994 in Melbourne and have already released four full length albums and few Demos they now release their last effort entitled "Evil Proclaimed", Black Death is what they deliver and brutality is the main goal here.

Fans of ANGEL CORPSE will enjoy "Evil Proclaimed" this album has only one pace, fast and fast.

"Black Mass warfare" opens the CD and the Armageddon begins, I really like the vocals, raspy and deep, the bass lines are incredibly good and fast, good chorus and sharp guitars, "Brimstone Nucleus" delivers more destruction, the riffs are good, not very technical but who cares, the  music is good and straight forward, perhaps a bit too repetitive but full of energy, great solos along the album, "Evil Proclaimed" blows in your face with a grotesque vocals and sharp razor solos, I mean this is a good album and I love their style, perhaps where ANGEL CORPSE failed with "Lucifer And Lightning" ABOMINATOR have succeeded with "Evil Proclaimed" and all their hard work have paid off indeed. Most bands do not like to be compared with other bands but in this case here one can't deny the similarity.

"Ashes Of Demonic Legacy” another great track beginning slowly and then builds up to a total mayhem, "Invoker Of the Four Winds" I like the guitars and the riffs and then that flesh cutting solos, at times it sounds like MORBID ANGEL, awesome stuff, "The Devil's Pandemonium" melodic guitars and again the vocals overwhelms me, I mean I love a band when the vocalist also plays the drums, total ass kicker, I have to take my hat off to Mr Volcano.

"Indomitable Master" and "Re-Birth Of Nemesis" end the attack and the planet has been cleansed from all posers and religious lunatics servers.

ABOMINATOR have made sure that the Aussie legacy lives on within the Metal World, a kick ass album with tones of energy, the production is very good, the sounding is great, not too much fussing around, straight to the point approach and the art cover is also good, says a lot about the band style, hail!!!

5 Star Rating

1. Black Mass Warfare
2. The Brimstone Nucleus
3. Evil Proclaimed
4. Ashes Of A Demonic Legacy
5. Invoker Of The Four Winds
6. The Devil's Pandemonium
7. Indomitable Master
8. Re-Birth Of The Arch Nemesis
Chris Volcano – Vocals, Drums
Andrew Undertaker - Guitars
Valak Exhumer - Bass
Record Label: Hells Headbangers Records


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