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Abominism - Abominism Award winner

by Cullen Baldridge at 01 September 2019, 8:00 PM

ABOMINISM is basically a guy from Philadelphia Pennsylvania who wanted to put an album together with a specific concept, with that concept being exploring the possibility of what would we be other than human if we didn't live life in the shaded grey, basically is about living with the truth instead of convertible lies.

"Burn Them Slowly" is pure aggression in Death Metal fashion, with snarling vocals, fast and demonic guitars and dark bass lines, "Predation In Times Of The Apocalypse" comes in with a Leary riff and stays true to the aggression of a Death Metal album, It's a brutal song in every sense of the word.

"To Live, And Yet Die As Nothing" is a seven minute and eighteen second trip to hell, there's a full minute musical Intro, that lives your mind exploring of what's to come and when it comes, it comes, living no doubt of the journey you have taken. "Abominism" and to the title track we go, it's heavy, aggressive, evil, you know, I believe they call it Death Metal, there's some pretty cool stuff going on in this song, for the most part with the guitars and sound effects but not limited to that.

"Seed Of The Intangible Dweller" has a pretty cool intro and proceed to it' destruction from there, the pace is slowed here and there but the heaviness never fades, it has gaps between the vocals for you to get lost in and write your own story. "Famine Of Hope" is the last and final song on ABOMINISM path of melting your face and it does so very nicely with the guitars ripping at your soul and the drums bashing your skull, the bass kind of taunts and laughs at the horror.

"Abominism" leaves you in no doubt of the foundation that it was built on and that is pure Death Metal and if that is what your soul graves than this album belongs in your personal collection.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Burn Them Slowly
2. Predation In Times Of The Apocalypse
3. To Live, Dream And Yet Die As Nothing
4. Abominism
5. Seed Of Intangible Dweller
6. Famine Of Hope
Stephen Baker - Guitars, Bass
John William Dunn IV -Vocals
Record Label: Black Metal Market


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