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Aboriorth - Far Away From Hateful Mankind Plague (CD)

Far Away From Hateful Mankind Plague
by Yiannis Doukas at 26 November 2007, 10:28 AM

This is the second release of the Spanish Antichristian Front records that arrived in Metal Temple after the PROFUNDIS TENEBRARUM demo compilation. ABORIORTH is a new band, playing black metal with one person, Aboriorth, behind. There is also a split with DHAUBGURZ that has been released this year and Far Away From Hateful Mankind Plague is the debut album for this horde.
With references to MAYHEM, DARKTHRONE and generally the primitive true black side of Norway, Aboriorth's riffs have a melancholic, depressive or even catatonic aura that is abundant on Bullets Of Hate, Destructive Thoughts and My Spawned Supremacy. These three songs aren't something special, probably mediocre with a stillness of vibes or feelings, but easily can be settled above the whole average of black metal scene.
Things change a lot with the entrance of Sons Of Nihilism, Bastards Of Destruction, a pure black - old MAYHEM era - song with remarkable vocals and riffs straight from a dark soul. Add also a complete DARKTHRONE part in Annihilation Of An Empty Kingdom, a good song but not in the level of the previous one. Aboriortholocaust wins the interest and the impressions - it's a bonus track for this release - with an angry, violent mayhemic disposal and leaves me with nice thoughts as the CD is ending, a CD with a nice cover art.
It's not bad, but I would prefer it as a demo release. Keep them in your mind; maybe any further releases will be better.

3 Star Rating

Prelude To Extinction
Bullets Of Hate
Destructive Thoughts
My Spawned Supremacy
Sons Of Nihilism, Bastards Of Destruction
Mankind Failure
Annihilation Of An Empty Kingdom
Aboriorth - Guitars, Bass, Drums, Voices
Record Label: Antichristian Front Records


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