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Aborted Fetus - Pyramids of Damnation Award winner

Aborted Fetus
Pyramids of Damnation
by Rob Stone at 07 September 2020, 7:03 AM

ABORTED FETUS is a band that almost need no introduction in the death metal community. They have been a mainstay for many years for not only being one of the most brutal bands around, they have also continued to do so consistently for nearly twenty years. Each release brings new flavors that the band has not explored prior and yet they have always stayed true to the essence of their success. Extremely brutal riffs and badass songwriting. “Pyramids of Damnation” is the groups seventh full length and they have set the bar high with their previous ones. The artwork is incredibly well done and the single released before the album was another contributing factor to the anticipation of its release.

The album begins with “Pharaoh’s Disasters”. A slow intro with pounding drums and bass heavy guitars. The production may not be hi fi but it is perfect for the genre. And guitar solos this erratic over the doomy instrumental would not fit otherwise. “Earth’s Bloody Punishment” picks up the pace. It brings in the growled vocals that we were all waiting for and they are performed better than ever. The aggressively down picked guitar riffs are made for headbanging to. The arrangement is unpredictable but each section takes its time to draw in the listener before moving onto the next. It almost acts as three songs in one because of its sudden stopping then coming back in with an entirely different tempo, rhythm and feel.

Invasion of Bloodsucking Insects” has an interesting intro with crazy paced double kicks playing behind the rock-solid main riff. The playing of each instrument has some noticeable imperfections which goes to show this album, much like other albums from the band, are about the attitude and not about fakeness and “fixing” performances. These imperfections add to the final product in nothing but positive ways. Nearing the halfway point, “Cattle Pestilence” does not let up in the slightest. If anything the intensity is increased in the songs as the album continues, not wanting to let the listener dwindle off midway through.

Tomb of Damnation” begins with an orchestral arrangement backed up by tribal drums, evoking the image of inevitable doom. It would not be amiss in a film where a monster is revealed to the viewers. It then recedes and becomes an acoustic guitar piece with wind sounds and a tambourine. The piece picks up the pace, the drums joining back in. It feels like an incredible opener for a live show to lead into the next track.

Abscesses on My Body” comes in with a punch. Seemingly the most aggressive track thus far, it is the perfect way to come back from the mid album interlude. The riffs are killer and the instruments all complement each other. The album brings back the “never slow down” attitude with “Fire Spreading Over Earth”. If anything, the album is decidedly more experimental in its second half and brings out some of the best that ABORTED FETUS can offer. The pinch harmonic filled riffs progress into yet more palm muted aggression in a song that lasts a whopping seven minutes. It all culminates in an epic solo that is among the best in the genre in recent memory.

Locust of Death” is the tightest sounding track of the LP and would fit perfectly in a soundtrack to war. Purely brutal and non-apologetic in its delivery. The final song, “Pharaoh’s Firstborn Execution” takes everything that the album has created up to this point, and thrown it all into one colossal sounding behemoth of a track. Again, clocking in at nearly seven minutes, the idea that a band can muster the energy for a track this intense for such an extended period is baffling and extremely impressive.

The standards were set high but once again, ABORTED FETUS have exceeded all expectations and come out with a brutal death metal album that transcends genre and is deserving of being one of the albums of the year. An absolute must listen for any death metal fan.

Songwriting: 10
Production: 8
Memorability: 9
Musicianship: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Pharaoh’s Disasters
2. Earth’s Bloody Punishment
3. Execution by Toads
4. Invasion of Bloodsucking Insects
5. Queen’s Prophecy
6. Cattle Pestilence
7. Goddess of Chaos
8. Tomb of Damnation
9. Abscesses on My Body
10. Fire Spreading Over Earth
11. Locust of Death
12. Fear of Darkness
13. The Ancient Ritual of Death
14. Pharaoh Firstborn’s Execution
15. Outro
Alexander “Meatgrinder” Andreev – Guitars
Sergey Doc – Bass
Igor – Vocals
Alexey Melyukhin – Drums
Record Label: Comatose Music


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