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Aborted - Termination Redux

Termination Redux
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 13 February 2016, 10:05 PM

So, how about some destructive and nasty Death Metal music, but with very good taste and technique?

Yes, this is what the Belgian quintet ABORTED is about on their new musical bloodshed, the EP "Termination Redux".

The band are doing their same style: a brutal technical way of Death Metal, hazardous when they are playing fast, but oppressive when the speed of their songs is in a slower form. But it seems that the entire band evolved a bit, because the vocals are on a harsher and screamed form, in a guttural way that is not as extreme as on their past works. And the technique sounds as a consequence of their songs, not a motivation; and this is very good. ABORTED again created a release that is far away from being a copy of any other band. They are really trying to do the things on their own.

The brutal and nasty art of the cover is a work from Sven "Svencho" de Caluwé, the band's frontman. And it reflects what you can expect from their music, as the sound quality is very good, keeping the band's usual aggressiveness and nasty approach, but with a good level of clearness. A good work done by Kristian "Kohle" Kohlmannslehne, that mixed and mastered "Termination Redux". And Julien Truchan from BENIGHTED is doing some vocals on "Vestal Disfigurement upon the Sacred Chantry" in a special appearance.

There are four songs on this EP ("Liberate Me Ex-Inferis" is just an introduction), so be prepared for an extreme assault.

"Termination Redux" presents an excellent technical work, along with very good rhythmic changes and great grunts and distorted riffs. On "Vestal Disfigurement upon the Sacred Chantry" (what a long name!), we have a song with very good work from rhythmic session (of course bass and drums are excellent, because the changes on tempos is something astonishing). "Bound in Acrimony" is shorter, but brutal and technical, again with insane riffs, and "The Holocaust Re-Incarnate" is thunderous and abrasive with some great slow moments, nasty guitars and technical work done by bass and drums, a new version for the song we know from "Engineering the Dead" (their second album, from 2001).

This is Death Metal, this is ABORTED, so take or leave it… Leave it if you can!

Originality: 8
Songwriting: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Liberate Me Ex-Inferis
2. Termination Redux
3. Vestal Disfigurement upon the Sacred Chantry
4. Bound in Acrimony
5. The Holocaust Re-Incarnate
Sven "Svencho" de Caluwé - Vocals
Danny Tunker - Guitars
Mendel bij de Leij - Guitars
JB van der Wal - Bass
Ken Bedene - Drums
Record Label: Century Media Records


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