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Aborym - Shifting.Negative

by Andrej Romić (Nekrst Fanzine) at 12 March 2017, 9:07 PM

Today I shall present you the latest effort from the Italian Industrial Black Metal masters ABORYM! The band has been active since 1992 - breaking up a year after that in 1993, and the reforming 3 years after that in 1997; and remaining active until this very day. The band has 7 studio full-length albums, with “Shifting.Negative” being their latest one, seeing release in 2017 via Agonia Records.

On their debut record “Kali Yuga Bizarre” the featured vocalist was Yorga S.M, and that would prove to be his last appearance with the band. The record even contained the infamous Hungarian guest vocalist Attila Gábor Chihar, who is better known for his work with TORMENTOR or MAYHEM (on several albums, including the debut and the latest one entitled “Esoteric Warfare”). He then took the role of the vocalist in 2001, singing on 2 albums, such as “Fire Walk With Us” and “With No Human Intervention”, before leaving in 2005. Currently the role of the band’s vocalist is Fabrizio Giannese - simply known as Malfeitor Fabban - and his vocal abilities can be heard on the latest record also. So let’s break it up a little bit.

The record starts off with “Unpleasantness”, and this track is already showing us some of the extreme weirdness that this band has managed to sneak into their sound for years. The track starts off with extreme, buzzing, loud, industrial noise, and then the even weirder vocal work kicks in, somehow fading in with the whole dissonant atmosphere of the song. I actually did not expect this at all, and I’m surprised once again. I expected extreme darkness and rawness in the sound, yet I am hearing pretty much clean vocals and more noise. Not that this should be taken as a bad thing, since I am a fan of ‘cleans’, it’s just that this surprised the shit out of me. The first track “Unpleasantness” is pretty pleasant in the end…haha.

Next on, “Precarious” starts off with ultra deep guitar tones just playing in the background, silently, growing in loudness all the time. Everything starts off slowly. The pleasant, clean vocals kick in, the riffs are continuously fading out in the background, and this track truly turns into something beautiful beautiful. From the Post touches, to the Industrial buzzing, the noise and the atmosphere are just a huge WOW. This track is weird, but I LOVE IT! All I heard were chanting noises and fading vocals in the background, which were still somehow covered by the beautiful guitar work.

Decadence in a Nutshell” starts off with some nice Thrash/Black Metal riffs, slightly louder vocals and a bit more aggression; you can hear some pretty brutal drumming starting also. The riffs speed up, and I must say, being that this is the band’s first album in 4 years, it seriously kicks ass! This track is wicked, brutal, and seriously ass - kicking.
I’ll leave the rest of the tracks to you, since there are still 7 more to enjoy. If you haven’t heard of ABORYM, surely check them out if you like ANAAL NATHRAKH, MYSTICUM, & DØDHEIMSGARD.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 9
Memorabillity: 8
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

  1. Unpleasantness
  2. Precarious
  3. Decadence In A Nutshell
  4. 10050 Cielo Drive
  5. Slipping Through The Cracks
  6. You Can't Handle The Truth
  7. For A Better Past
  8. Tragedies For Sale
  9. Going Places
  10. Big H
Fabrizio Giannese - Programming, Synths, Modulars, Vocals
RG Narchost - Guitars
Davide Tiso - Guitars
Danilo Valentini - Guitars, Bass
Stefano Angiulli - Synths, Keyboards
Record Label: Agonia Records


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