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Aborym - Generator (CD)

by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 19 May 2006, 3:20 AM

I knew Aborym for a simple reason. Just because one of the most important figures of Black Metal used to do the vocals for this band. Who can that be? Attila Csihar of course! The most psychotic voice of the Black Metal industry. And just remember the word industry 'cause it will be useful later on…
Aborym is an Italian Black Metal act that follows the route that every blackster does when he gets bored of traditional, symphonic or melodic Black Metal. They play Industrial/Black Metal! Formed in 1992 by bassist Malfeitor Fabban, Aborym started playing cover songs of bands such as Celtic Frost, Sarcofago, Mayhem and Darkthrone. 2006 finds Aborym releasing their 4th (if I'm not mistaken) full-length album.
What the fuck? Am I listening to the wrong CD? Disgust And Rage is like it has been composed and performed by Bal-Sagoth. It has exactly the same structure with a classic Bal-Sagoth track! I think that a good friend of mine was right about what he said. I still remember his words about Aborym: Attila's singing for them is like a donation from a rich man to poor people. Really, what I noticed is the lack of inspiration, badly structured tracks and amateur work. It's like they recorded Generator just to release it and nothing more. I don't want to say that Aborym is a band without talent but when you have the talent, you have to take advantage of it, not throw it away. I mean, when you carry the badge of a Black Metal legend like Attila, your steps must be really careful. And there is no more time for excuses like: It's an Attila Csihar album. He decided to stop being a full time member and just recorded the vocals for Man Bites God.
I never really felt something for this electronic Black Metal movement. As years pass by, I only see that it's the natural evolution of a Black Metal musician. From retro 80's true Black to Industrial/Black.
If you want to buy this record just because you are an Attila fan, just forget about it! You will be a bit disappointed. If you are a fan of Aborym, you will probably like Generator. Being as objective as I can, this release is nothing special.

2 Star Rating

Disgust And Rage (Sic Transit Gloria Mundi)
A Dog-Eat-Dog World
Ruinrama Kolossal S.P.Q.R.
Suffer Catalyst
Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
Man Bites God
I Reject!
Prime Evil - Vocals
Malfeitor Fabban - Bass
Nysrok S. Sathanas - Guitars
Bard Faust Eithun - Drums

Special Guests:
Attila Csihar - Vocals
Richard K. Szabo -
Cultoculus - Backing Vocals
Jiehna Ycosahateron - Noise Addiction
Record Label: Season Of Mist


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