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Abramis Brama - Live! (CD)

Abramis Brama
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 21 June 2007, 5:54 PM

First of all, I want to make something clear. I DO NOT INTEND TO EXPLAIN WHAT THE TITLES TRACKS MEAN IN ENGLISH! Got it? Phew, I was fucking bored to check if I had written the titles correct! Why can't you sing in English? It will make my life so much easier! Anyway, after relaxing and listening the album accompanied by an ice-cold beer this is what I have to say…
The band was formed in 1997 in Farsta, Stockholm, Sweden. I couldn't be more precise, huh? After a demo in 1998, the band signed a contract with Record Heaven. After releasing four full-length albums and a single CD, the band decided to release this live album. Let's see if their live shows are good.
Since I haven't listened to any of their previous works, I won't be able to compare their live performance to their studio abilities. Even though this is the first time I hear about this band, I can see something familiar. Let me search the net a bit, just to be sure. Hmmm, I am right. The drummer is who I thought he was. He is the ex drummer of Swedish doomsters GRAND MAGUS. I think I just realized what music they have chosen to play.  So, Live! does not contain a unique live performance, but songs from ABRAMIS BRAMA's live performances in Stockholm, Oslo and Lulea between December 2005 and June 2006. The bio note that is contained in the promo CD contains useful information, but some bullshit as well. I mean, why do they compare this album with monuments like Unleashed In The East (JUDAS PRIEST) and No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith MOTORHEAD)?
The album shows that the band's performances must really kick some major ass, but the above-mentioned live albums carry a great history (as well as the bands that released them). So, regarding Live!, the band shows what it is made of and delivers an album that contains a sample of the band's energy on stage. Torkelsson's vocals are great, as well as Berg's backing vocals. These two guys form a great team! The rhythm section needs no comments as Berg and Trisse will leave you speechless with their groove. Since I have seen some DVD's, live clips and attended live performances of Doom/Stoner/Heavy Rock bands, I can say that ABRAMIS BRAMA have all the qualities of a great band of their style! The sound is pretty good for a live album, but I have definitely listened to much more polished live albums.
So, if you are looking for a good live album, produced by an energetic band, I think that ABRAMIS BRAMA just answered to your call. Not something incredible, but surely an album that will accompany you for some time. The bonus track is a brand new studio song. Seems pretty interesting!

3 Star Rating

Vad Jag Ser
Kejsarens Nya Klader
Saljer Din Sjal
Kall Som Sten
Mjolk & Honung
Barkbrodslaten / Men Mitt Hjarta Skall Vara Gjort Av Sten
Mamma Talar
I Evighetens Nav (bonus track)
Ulf Torkelsson - Vocals
Peo Andersson - Guitar
Robert Johansson - Guitar
Dennis Berg - Bass, Backing Vocals
Trisse - Drums
Record Label: Record Heaven


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