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Abrupt Demise – The Pleasure to Kill and Grind

Abrupt Demise
The Pleasure to Kill and Grind
by Cherie Wong at 10 March 2020, 9:47 PM

On April 24th, 2020, ABRUPT DEMISE will release some death metal for us in the form of their debut album “The Pleasure to Kill and Grind.” ABRUPT DEMISE formed around 2011 and hails from the Netherlands. Though this is their debut album, they previously released an EP titled “Aborted from Life.” The style of death metal played by ABRUPT DEMISE on this album is a gory mix of old school death metal and a bit of grind.

The opening track “End of Life” begins with a quick clip before the meat of the album begins. The bass is a constant low drone and the drums and vocals have a nice rhythm. The guitar riff is low and mean. One of the guitars even plays a nice solo in the middle of the track. The next track is “Abrupt Demise.” Again, the guitars and bass play head banging riffs with a low tone. The speed and aggression ramp up in the middle of the track with blast beats. “My Middle Name” is the next track. I wish I could tell you what his middle name is, but I couldn’t make it out through the low to mid range growls. Jokes aside, this is another solid track. The fourth track is “Cannibal.” It starts with another quick clip of news anchors announcing the search for a cannibal. The main riff on this track is gnarly and slow, but speeds up intermittently with some blast beats. “Self Inflicted” is a ferocious track, good to have in middle of the album to bring back some energy.

Human Mince” is as delightful as its title, from the intro clip to the machine gun-like main riff. The following track is “Mutual Mutilation,” which has an absolutely brutal blast beat. Comparatively, “Machines of Blood” is a bit more restrained. The low and menacing tone is heavy, though I wish it were denser and not as thin. The melodic guitar outro is also a nice addition. “Information Overload” is next. The speed and aggression is back again here. Like with all previous tracks, slower riffs and drumming are intertwined with the blast beats and breakneck riffs to change up the pace within the track.
The closing track is the titular “The Pleasure to Kill and Grind.” The bass and guitar are particularly memorable for the almost surf rock tone. If you’re not a fan, the track switches back and forth to the regular speedy riffs and drumming.

Overall, I recommend “The Pleasure to Kill and Grind” because it’s a fantastic death metal album. It’s energetic, with head banging good riffs. Just a really fun death metal record!

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. End of Life
2. Abrupt Demise
3. My Middle Name
4. Cannibal
5. Self Inflicted
6. Human Mince
7. Mutual Mutilation
8. Machines of Blood
9. Information Overload
10. The Pleasure to Kill and Grind
Herman Uiterwijk – Drums
René Brugmans – Vocals
Jos Ferwerda – Bass/ Vocals
Marc Ouwendijk – Guitars
Peter Hagen – Guitars
Record Label: Raw Skull Recordz


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