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Abruptum - Evil Genius (CD)

Evil Genius
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 27 May 2007, 7:44 AM

The next time I will come across a Black Metal release (or any kind of release) with so long titles (especially when they are written in Latin), I swear I will find the band and make its members eat the fucking album! I don't know how much time I have been sitting here trying to understand what the back of the CD says. Not only they titles are in Latin and they are long, but the letters are small and I have to stick the album in my face to see what is written on it. Bands and labels, show some mercy on the poor editors!

I left the review for a while, relaxed with an ice-cold beer for a while and now I am back to continue. For all of you who don't know shit about ABRUPTUM, it is a Swedish Black Metal band, which was formed back in 1989 by IT and All. In 1990, they found their first bass player, but he got kicked out of the band later the same year, after the release of the band's first demo. After the release of one more demo and one EP, All got kicked out of the band, too, because of his drinking problem. IT recruited Evil, who is no other than the well-knownMorgan Steinmeyer Hakansson, MARDUK's singer.

After some threats to him and his family and some events that occurred in the Satanic Black Circle - where he was one of the leaders - IT quit the band and left the scene completely. Evil continued the band on his own until 2005, when he put an end to ABRUPTUM As you can see there is a pretty interesting story behind this band, something that has made ABRUPTUM being considered as a cult Black Metal band.

It has been some time since I last heard news from the ABRUPTUM camp (regarding a re-release, best of compilation etc). I was surprised when I saw the remastered version of the band's Evil Genius compilation reaching the Metal Temple headquarters. It was originally released back in 1995 and it contains the band's first two demos (Abruptum and The Satanic Tunes), which were both released in 1990, as well as the 7 EP Evil (1991).

Evil Genius now comes in a remastered version with a brand new booklet, a newly written letter/statement by IT (where he talks about the importance of a musician's journey, the album and his beliefs) and all these in a digi version, thanks to Black Lodge. For all those who own or have just listened to the band's demos, Evil Genius is a must have collector's item and a new version of the old tracks. For the recent fans or people who haven't listened to anything by this band, this release is a must have due to its historical, musical and as I mentioned above, collective importance. What makes this album different from the band's later ones is that the length of its tracks is standard and only one track is longer than five minutes. Their later albums feature tracks whose duration is 25 and even 61 minutes!

Regarding the music now, you should know that ABRUPTUM is a brutal Black/Death Metal band that never compromised with the words technical and sell-out. The band is delivering a noisy Brutal assault that will leave you staring at the speakers. You really won't believe these sounds came from the speaker. This music must have really been composed in the depths of hell! The atmospheric parts, the relentless outbreaks, the mid tempo riffing, everything will take you back to a time when Black Metal was not what big names and international labels produce today. Back when the bands were not a bunch of pussies with corpse paint that didn't even know what their lyrics were talking about. If you haven't listened to any ABRUPTUM stuff, you just have to witness their uncompromising blasphemous attack to realize their gloriousness!

This band could never be put under the easy listening tag and that is the main reason why ABRUPTUM have only true and loyal fans. This release is a great chance for the younger blacksters to realize the stupidity and fake image of many Black Metal bands this scene has nowadays. Since we are talking about an authentic Black Metal release, do not expect bonus stuff like videos and bullshit. I even feel unable to rate such a band. Warning, despite my magnificent words and the long review, do not expect the top release for 2007. As I previously said this is only for fans of this band and people who want to witness the gloriousness of authentic Black Metal. Think carefully before purchasing this album. It is up to you.

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Honores Vultus Mutares Ex Aeris Campi
Aerge Facere Alci
Icendio Fulminis Telis
Calibus Frontem Tumeo Acidus Abcessus
Corpus In As Trahere Abincere
Vis Semina Dies Hora Dea Membra Corpora
Feci Factum Sanguine Gladios Made Fieri Factus
Tortus Torquero Colla Tumentes
Turannum Bellux Eventus Alci Exeo Sivium Vitae Carthaginis Integra
Hostes Orco Hostium Legiones Dis Manibus Pacis Ruptores Ultioni
Animum, Mentem Alcis Juventutem Largitionibus, Hostes Ad Dimicandum, Commotis Exita Sacris Thyias
De Profundis Mors Vas Cousumet \[Bonus Track]
IT - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Violin
All - Vocals
Record Label: Black Lodge Records


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