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Abscession - Grave Offerings

Grave Offerings
by Marcos “Big Daddy” Garcia at 11 January 2015, 7:51 PM

Ok, we all already know to our bones, that Sweden is an extremely important country to extreme Metal, especially when we’re dealing with Death Metal. When the 90’s arrived, a great number of bands started to rise from that country, raising their instruments and voices the harsher way they could, and with a saw sound in guitars. ENTOMBED, CARNAGE, DISMEMBER, UNLEASHED, GRAVE and many others arose from Sweden and influenced many bands around the world. The Swedish extreme Metal as an entire style became respected, and in this way, now it’s time for a newcomer to enter this world and inherit the extreme Swedish Metal: ABSCESSION, that after an EP called “Death Incarnated”, now comes with their first album, “Grave Offerings”.

First of all, the trio plays the same Death Metal as the bands from the 90’s: just the brutal and simple Death Metal as it was conceived. But it’s not a wannabe Metal band. ABSCENSSION has a personality pulsing strong under these low guttural grunts, sickening riffs and solos, and strong and heavy rhythmic kitchen. But using the simplicity of Death Metal, they created an interesting and very good album.

The sound quality is abusively raw in the same vein from earlier bands from Sweden, but good enough to understand what they are playing, their musical arrangements, and in terms of brutality, the name of Dan Swäno in the mastering is a guarantee of good stuff, due his golden hands are well known for making an album raw and heavy, but with very good sound quality.

The band creates good music, as we can hear on songs like the brutal “Where Sleeping Gods Dwell”, the oppressive and mid tempo “In My Coffin” and “Cabin 13” (both with very good riffs), the technical “Blowtorch Blues” (yes, they show some technique in the instruments, as we could see in good tempo changes and great drumming), the more traditional (in terms of Death Metal)  “Plague Bearer”, and the long and excellent “Downfall (part 1)” (some good melodic chords on the beginning, then a brutal attack in the Swedish Death Metal way, with good grunts, some clean and funereal voices, perfect guitars and some more calm moments).

And it’s due “Downfall (Part 1)”, that Ol’ Big Daddy here believes strongly that the trio is still maturing, and has much more to show us in the future.

For now, very good, but let’s see in the future.

I believe in them!

4 Star Rating

1. Where Sleeping Gods Dwell
2. Gargoyle
3. In My Coffin
4. Cabin 13
5. Blowtorch Blues
6. Freshly Dug Graves
7. Plague Bearer
8. The Ruiner
9. Engorged with Gore
10. Downfall (Part 1)
Thomas - Vocals
Skaldir - Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
Markus - Drums
Record Label: Final Gate Records


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