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Absentia Lunae - Vorwarts Award winner

Absentia Lunae
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 22 October 2014, 8:32 PM

And another good name comes from the ancient lands where the Roman Empire born and reign for centuries. Yes, Italy gave us another good name on Black Metal scene, ABSENTIA LUNAE, and their newest album (their third one, to be more precise), “Vorwarts”.

Their efforts are in the way to create Black Metal. But unlike other Italian bands like STIGMHATE and HANDFUL OF HATE, this trio is doing a more atmospheric and darkened music, with some more traditional insights, remembering bands like old MAYHEM (like on “Wolf’s Lair Abyss” era, but not so extremely fast), THORNS and DØDHEIMSGARD. But some experimental touches appear in the middle of the musical onslaught, but to the orthodox Black Metal fans, Big Daddy here can guarantee this: be calm, it won’t hurt your feelings. And by the way, this album is great!

Very good vocals (some changes, from harsh ones to more agonizing tunes), excellent guitar riffs, and their rhythmic session is compact and heavy, showing a good technique level. The result: be careful with the sound volume…

Good sound quality, being as harsh as clean, but not so raw as in old Black Metal times, but not so clean to the point of making many fans tear their hairs off. You can hear the musical instruments and arrangements, but it has some “dusty” Black Metal feeling that everyone can find on Black Metal albums from 1993 to 1997.

So, musically speaking, the album keeps a good level in terms of composition, with seven very good songs, showing a great work. The best songs are “Dissolution Mechanism” (good riffs, with some elaborated guitar riffs and tempos), “Rapace Planare” and its more traditional insight, and the long “Vorwarts” (some very good tempo changes and experimental elements).

Climatic and good, these guys make Big Daddy here think the new axis for Black Metal is Italy!

4 Star Rating

1. Dissolution Mechanism
2. Furor of the Monuments
3. Rapace Planare
4. Manipulated Statues of Flesh
5. Vorwarts
6. Tragedy Told by Golden Horns
7. L’arrivée
Ildanach – Vocals
Climaxia – Guitars
Anamnesi – Drums
Record Label: ATMF


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