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Absinthium - One For The Road

One For The Road
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 24 September 2012, 10:39 PM

A few years ago I remember having this fine band from Italy named ABSINTHIUM on a radio show I had on Metal Express Radio by the name of “Young, Wild and Thrashy”, which hosted young Thrash Metal that were still considered newcomers to the Metal scene. The purpose was to promote these groups in order for the listeners to get to know them better and to expect stuff from them in the future. Sadly that show went down after a few months, but I still remembered the Italians, and I am glad I did. Just recently the band released its debut album, “One For The Road”, via their local Punishment 18 Records, consisting of new material along with stuff out of their recent demos, along with two great songs that I broadcasted back in 2009. Following the early veins of Thrash and Heavy Metal of the 80s and early 90s, ABSINTHIUM developed into a nice fusion of these two great Metal subgenres that made them sound pretty much in the vein of early METALLICA, MEGADETH, early ANTHRAX and IRON MAIDEN.

All the way through “One For The Road”, ABSINTHIUM have been trying to show that though being influenced by the decisiveness of the traditional Metal types, their apparent wishes were to compose material that is a tad high off the generic scale and into something a bit more complex, genuine and compelling. Their one-dimensional riffing style might be plain, straightforward and pretty much setting the tone for the things to come when it involved the main riffing, the song’s structures seemed rather uneven, at least on several examples. I also noticed that in order to reach that sort of complexion, they produced lengthy tracks, like the epic “Black Gown” for example. Conversely, a few of them didn’t generate that high interest, even to the range of slight boredom, I noticed that there is much in it, especially the guiding vocals that led the way nicely. I would have recorded an extra vocal channel in order to deep things up as Alessandro Granatowas a little far back in the mix.

Furthermore, the usage of IRON MAIDEN like catchy harmonies and competent melodies obtained several points for this band that seemed highly inspired by METALLICA and MEGADETH. The old school ANTHRAX touch seemed to have inspired their energies. As the two latter giants are more “heavy” and angrily serious in their antics, ANTHRAX can be recognized as a loosen band of wild animals, and I could sense the same, even not in full, within ABSINTHIUM’s material. “Absinthium”, “Skull” and “The Curse of Blood” virtually shaped the band’s posture as a group with a promise to headbang the world with their prowess, heaviness and harmonic ends. However, I believe that there still a road to go.

On the whole, “One For The Road”, also reminded me of the cool old JUDAS PRIEST 70s song by the same name (“…Sharing our load, show us the way…”), can be considered as an impressive creation, yet I believe that the super album that this group can come up with, will probably be the next in line. 

3 Star Rating

1. The Curse of Blood
2. H.A.I.L.
3. Mr. Nothing
4. Absinthium
5. Circular Saw
6. Skull
7. Waste
8. Black Gown 
Alessandro Granato- Vocals
Franco Buonocore- Guitars
Dario Nuzzolo- Bass
Tommaso Ruberti- Drums
Record Label: Punishment 18 Records


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