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Abske Fides - Self-Titled

Abske Fides
by Ehsan "The FlowerHead" Bitarafan at 20 August 2012, 3:00 PM

The ABSKE FIDES name’s translation in English is "Without Faith" and it is also a Funeral Death / Doom Metal band though there was a few experts that labeled this guys as Black Metal due to their lyrics and music but in overall I think that they stick to the smudgy side of Doom. The band was formed in 2003 in Sao Paolo, Brazil. ABSKE FIDES represents a part of the new generation South American extreme Metal scene. ABSKE FIDES release a demo called "Illness" in 2006. Later they released two EPs "Apart Of The World" and "Disenlightment" in 2009. “Abske Fides” is their first full length studio album. The two EPs sounded a bit more like Black Metal oriented, but without a doubt that there is a Doom Metal approach on this particular album which is associated with pure, extreme and classical style of the subgenre bands like MY DYING BRIDE for instance.

This first full length album of ABSKE FIDES has a magical doomy feeling within its lines. The large sum of the tracks is pretty long in length except from the last one "Embroided In Reflections". Essentially this one has a purpose that follows the listener all throughout its duration. The song itself is introduced as a stream of magic with lethargic and repetitive riffs and really slow tempo drumming in. The combination of all of the above will surely make a mesmerizing sensation for listeners. Same goes with the session I had with the listening to the instrumental song "The Coldness Of Progress". In general, on “Abske Fides”, specially first three tracks, follows the lead of the classic nature of Doom Metal while afterwards took a slight turn into abstract, aggressive, energetic and rather more exciting than the first three numbers. I have to admit that although being mesmerized by the slow tinges of that slow tempo riffing, several moments were too passive and at points boring.

There is something really interesting that I personally admire about this release and it’s the amazing conformity of the lyrics and how generally the songs sound. Within the lyrics I liked the main ideas of what I think are about a confused human who is lost in his crowded messy room of delusion-depression-isolation and passively tries to find a way to escape himself. Also there is dealing with how modern world affects his mind due to psychological disorders and bad monsters inside. However, as it seems the human doesn’t wish to fight back and he begs and cries while being so so passive. Whether reading the lyrics or not, there is this feeling that the message will be delivered to you either hoping it or not, yet also there are answers and ways to escape this desolation of this claustrophobic moment felt in the center of man's urban room that is like a devouring prison. There is a need to listen to the human sadness, his complaints of what this prison of modern society causes him / her. Thus this music can give a pretty good idea of the meaning of human despair.

I would add SHAPE OF DESPAIR meaningfully and technically in terms of music specially as the most related bands with ABSKE FIDES and then MY DYING BRIDE as 2nd.

3 Star Rating

1. The Consequence Of The Other
2. Won’t You Come
3. The Coldness Of Progress
4. Aesthethic Hallucination Of Reality
5. 4.48
6. Embroided In Reflections
K(Kexo) - Drums, Bass, Vocals
Nihil - Guitars
Necrophilenthron - Guitars, Keyboard, Violin ,Vocals
Record Label: Solitude Productions


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