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Absolute Darkness - Disaster Awaits

Absolute Darkness
Disaster Awaits
by Sebastian "Bass" Parent at 07 February 2018, 9:01 AM

Hello Metal-Temple, ABSOLUTE DARKNESS is back again this year with a new album called “Disaster Awaits”. After their debut album last year, they worked hard to refine and polish their sound. It was definitely worth the work. The Death/Trash Metal band from California, United States brings us once again their socio-politic speech as the “Disaster Awaits”.

Ron, Lucy and Bill definitely have grown as musician in the last year. Just from the sound of the album, it feels more mature and the chemistry is working its way through the band. The album opens abruptly on “That Bloody Night”, the band didn’t go out of their way to bring you slowly into their music. They want to hit hard right away, from the first note and all the way till the end. With a deep, very deep guttural vocal by Ron, the album takes form on a melodic guitar track. The solos are well spaced to make you feel the emotion of the lyrics.

The riffs on “Blood In The Snow” seems a bit easy, with a roller coaster feeling, but it delivers a song that is easy to listen. It has a slow but familiar sound, without being out of the ordinary, it will still bring you a thumping feeling deep inside. “Chaos Unleashed” and “Mad King” are a great core to the album, with massive riffs and some great lyrics, the feeling of despair grips you by the hand. Both songs also feature some great hooks and solos. With a deep and slow, methodical beat, they convey the message of the band with perfection.

The title song of the album “Disaster Awaits” is a warning for us all of the impending doom watching over us. The feeling of the song is chilling to say the least, with an amazing guitar track and hook. The slow and relentless music adds to the feeling of despair and destruction. Hopefully the prophecy announced here doesn’t come to pass, but the feeling is real.

ABSOLUTE DARKNESS should get more exposure with the well-crafted album. The work they put into the making of “Disaster Awaits” is commendable. There is a great improvement between the first and second instalments of the band. The vocals of Ron are definitely out of the ordinary and should appeal to a lot of Death Metal fans. Give it a listen and you shall see. Keep up the good work ABSOLUTE DARKNESS.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. That Bloody Night
2. Blood In The Snow
3. Chaos Unleashed
4. Mad King
5. Battle Won or Lost
6. Disaster Awaits
7. Resist
8. Nothing
9. Mutual Destruction
Ron Dorn – Drums, Vocals, Guitar
Lucy Clarke – Guitars, Bass
Bill Corry – Guitars, Bass 
Record Label: Independent


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