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Absolute Steel - Womanizer (CD)

Absolute Steel
by Grigoris Chronis at 20 September 2005, 8:00 PM

This album is definitely old school based. Plus, it's coming from the land of Black Metal (Norway) where melancholy and grimness run deep. Not included in the 'True Metal' ghetto - maybe because Womanizer is not being released through any relevant 'true' record label - I can certainly assure you that this effort is at least worth listening to. Details follow.
It's quite rare to find a band in Norway that does not deal with Extreme Metal. Absolute Steel have been breathing life for six years now and state that the motive for the band's formation was - and still is, I hope - their adornment for classic Metal music. Norwegian label Edgerunner Records came in contact with the band for the release of their The Fair Bitch Project (2002) debut album. Endorsed by lots of onstage pyro shows and strippers - mortal way of life… - Absolute Steel built up a valued name in their country. Still, Edgerunner called it a day and the band was then homeless. Greek Metal label Black Lotus - known for its interest in 'gems' from the entire globe - grabbed the band and Womanizer is the sophomore effort for this five-piece gang of frenzied metalheads.
Well, you can't expect anything innovative here, right? Based on the all-time classic Hard-Meets-Heavy formula, Womanizer features solid tunes with notable guitar work - even if quite simple songwriting occurs here - and the fine vocals of K2. Really appropriate as a soundtrack for a metalhead's beer gathering, Womanizer stands for the positive vibe of the entire Metal cliché.
It's serious: the band does not flirt with the 'raped' term of True Metal; a rather honest move. Influenced by the late 70's/early 80's Metal sound, songs like High Heels And Fishnet Stockings, Kick, Juicy Lucy (kick-ass title) and Deliverance act as the legacy of bands like 'rough' Scorpions, 'street' Manowar/Scorpions and 'metallic' Motorhead accompanied by the U.S. force of 'harsh' Kiss and 'direct' Y&T/Dio. They also reminded me of contemporaries Wolf (Sweden). Do I have to say more? Oops, one more… The title of the band is in no way related to any Power/Epic Metal style. End of line.
I'm gonna put this up at the next magazine meeting, 'sponsored' by a dozen of cold beers. Anyone will find a fave in Womanizer, still it's highly recommended you should not expect any velvet production (though it could be a little bit more powerful). Again (for the faithful), who should care?

3 Star Rating

High Heels & Fishnet Stockings
Rough Love (Tender Heart)
Juicy Lucy
Too Slow Above
Opus Suite
K2 - Lead Vocals
Dave Bomb - Guitar & Vocals
Andy Boss - Guitar, Keyboards & Vocals
Dr. Schmutz - Bass & Vocals
Rick Hagan - Drums & Vocals
Record Label: Black Lotus Records


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