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Absolva - Defiance Award winner

by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 30 July 2017, 10:20 PM

If there is one thing that I have always wanted to listen to is a band that has it in its talents to integrate modernized elements in Metal with the traditional heritage. Throughout the years I found several candidates that made me see a promise in the coming generation. After a long time of searching, I believe that my quest is over, well at least until the next one comes along. What is more interesting that this band actually originated from where Metal music was conceived, you guessed it right, the UK. Also, I feel a bit ashamed for not listening to their material sooner. So enough with the yapping, this is ABSOLVA. A band that is certainly on its way into the bright horizons of glory, and should be noticed as how Heavy Metal should sound in the second decade of the 00’s.

Featuring members of the BLAZE BAYLEY / ICED EARTH, the Brits have already released three albums, via the local label Rocksector Records, and continued on forward with a brand new release that should rock your world, titled “Defiance”. Actually, other than the brand new recordings featured, ABSOLVA cherished their fans’ wishes to experience more of their out of studio stuff, and made this release a double album. It features live and acoustic material along a single released last year. Quite a commendable move indeed to showcase their best live achievements along with emotive material gone an acoustic reform.

Taking a dive into the album, I found it to be one of the ultimate Heavy Metal experiences. Immersing themselves with the basic tickers of NWOBHM, the band displayed melodic aspects that were the foundation of a once great movement along with bass work that could only hint of early IRON MAIDEN. Also the incredible soloing output, even if not your average shredding, is of high class, reaching peak moments that would raise up the heart rate. There is no escape from the old British spirits when listening to “Never Be The Same” or “Fistful of Hate” or the longing for aspiration knee deep in “Rise Again”.

There aren't really full throttle tunes within “Defiance”, other than a few, yet the bolstering energies racing out of the songs is also detectable even if not surmounted with double bass bash. Especially if you are also taking into account the acoustic enchantment “Connections”. Moreover, there appear to be themes within the setlist that might hit the weaker points of the human existence, applying criticism like the vast majority of Metal albums, however, there is a good vibe channeled, a sense of hope, and I might even tread in a minefield arguing that there is a swarm of positivity.

Furthermore, and it is rather unusual for yours truly but it is always great to open up every once in a while, there is an amazing combination of late 80s and 90s straight up hard edged Metal, without a fuss, bearing several Alternative approaches, which made the music richer, and in a way, somewhat diverse. I believe that such emblem titles as the self-titled, “Eclipse” and the star child of this release “Reflection”, will give you enough ideas of how this blending transpires. The songwriting might be pretty much basic, sharing expected catchiness, yet there are several hits that just wouldn’t leave, sticking so hard that letting them go would probably be a sin.

“Defiance” is to be interpreted as one of the great evolutions of Heavy Metal music. This is one British act that took my mind by storm, proved to me that there is something to look up to in the new generation of Metal music. Certainly this is one of the top releases of 2017 in my bill.

Purchase Link: Rocksector Records

4 Star Rating

Disc One
1. Life on the Edge
2. Defiance
3. Rise Again
4. Fistful of Hate
5. Never Be The Same
6. Alarms
7. Connections
8. Midnight Screams
9. Life and Death
10. Eclipse
11. Who Dares Wins
12. Reflection

Disc Two
1. Harsh Reality
2. Hundred Years (Live)
3. Live For the Fight (Live)
4. Drum Solo (Live)
5. Code Red (Live)
6. Never a Good Day to Die (Acoustic)
7. It Is What It Is (Acoustic)
8. Never Back Down (Acoustic)
Chris Appleton - Vocals / Lead Guitars
Luke Appleton - Guitars
Karl Schramm - Bass
Martin McNee - Drums
Record Label: Rocksector Records


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