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Absolva - Flames Of Justice

Flames Of Justice
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 07 December 2012, 4:05 PM

Justice has its price, it can be achieved after fierce struggles but also it can become corrupted after being bought and paid for, so who said that justice is blind? If it is just a phrase, it should be carried asunder by the fires of hell. On the other hand if it’s worth the trouble, justice should set on the fire whoever attempts to challenge it. I believe that the Metal world has found the right group from the UK that seems to be the right contenders that will be able to smite down oppression, give a big hail to the Heavy Metal band ABSOLVA, here to absolve the life out of those that wishes to stray the order to things. “Flames Of Justice”, via Rocksector Records, is their debut album released only a short period after their formation. Following a somewhat modern pattern and in a way flexible instrumentation, ABSOLVA seems to have no intention of letting go of some of the 80s trademarks driven by Heavy, Power and Thrash Metal. It is good to know that there are bands stand by their purposes and work endlessly to dash ahead as swift as possible without letting the rapid advancement on becoming the knife in their backs.

While consumed by classic Metal orientations, ABSOLVA didn’t seem to forget that there have been various of encroachments in Metal music and it is clearly displayed on this tracklist. I think that their ability to team up Metal’s oldest subgenres under the same turf while enabling a step out of the traditional Metal realm. ABSOVLA composed a series of catchy riffing, rousing main rhythms, sharp edged soloing that even contracted several mushy moments, pumped up rhythm section and damn soaring vocals that won’t tire. All those indicated of a talented group of musicians that are on the right track for becoming something more than the contemporary regularity. Sure that there have been a few “could have been better” outputs that made me turn my head as “It Is What It Is”, “Code Red”, “Breathe” and the promising opener “Flames Of Justice”. I could feel the fire ablaze within the rhythmsthat didn’t let me down and even the twist that came out here and there rattling its head wildly, but I am afraid that these ended as rather corny and diminutive sections. Several of those had some importance that didn’t drive me away from listening to this piece again and again.

On the other hand, ABSOLVA crazed with a few titanic soon to be icons as the epic “Free” that wrapped their entire influences and banters within less than seven minutes of great music of complexion, flow and stimulating lyrics. “Only When It's Over”, the album’s ballad, is that one track that I just could let go, I wanted to choke the life out of it only because I loved it so much. Bursting emotions are hard to subterfuge with such an amazing vocal performance and easy, yet so rightly put, passionate riffing. No end to the drama you think, bet your ass. The influential “Love To Hate” and “Empires” crack skulls with intensity of both Power and Thrash Metal stuffed together to pound in the name of justice. “Hundred Years” is one of album’s top beacons with one of the greatest choruses while “From Beyond The Light” is another epos that is no less than the previous ambitious long length candidate. In short, ABSOLVA might not be my usual classic Metal venture with the full spread and feeling of the 80s love, but hey we are also hear to learn new tricks aren’t we? “Flames Of Justice” is the meeting spot of old and new but with the old riding the horse.

4 Star Rating

1. Flames Of Justice
2. Hundred Years
3. Code Red
4. It Is What It Is
5. Breathe
6. State of Grace (Instrumental)
7. From Beyond The Light
8. Free
9. Love To Hate
10. Only When It's Over
11. Empires 
Tom Atkinson- Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals
Chris Appleton- Lead Guitar & Lead Vocals
Martin Mcnee- Drums
Dan Bate- Bass & Backing Vocals
Record Label: Rocksector Records


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