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Absorbed - Reverie

by Bex "Hardcore" Tasker at 12 September 2013, 12:21 PM

ABSORBED were a Spanish Death Metal band, formed in 1991 and were active until 1996. The founding members were vocalist and guitarist Oscar Insua, guitarist Javier Zampa, bassist Javier Zarco and drummer Abel Sanjuas, yet the group endured several lineup changes and eventually disbanded. However, do not despair, as here we have a 2-disc release, consisting of a mammoth 31 tracks. The old members have come together this year to record “Reverie”, which consists of a multitude of quality music. You’ll be injected with a sufficient dose of distortion, doublekick, rumbly bass and hostile vocals.

CD 1 kicks off with quite a ruckus, with Jose Barros growling ferociously as “Off-World Endeavour” begins, and is soon accompanied by the rest of the gang. There proves to be some very funky guitar riffs in this track, so definitely check it out. “Contact” features some impressive solos and solid bass, whilst “Disgust and Hate (Calhoun Conquer) shows off some brutal doublekick. Many of the tracks provided on the album appear twice, often as alternative versions. These include “Quantum Leap”, which is very heavy on the bass, and its alternate version which is more centred on the guitars.  The final track on CD 1, “Outerdimensional Deployment” showcases a robotic voice, a rather eerie addition to a heavy song, with a rather appropriate title.

CD 2 opens with “Int®o – The Depths of Nowhere”, introducing some very dark vocals, and speedy musicianship. An intense guitar solo threatens to claim the limelight, but the drumming remains impressive too. Likewise, “Cybernetical Existence” depicts the technical aspect of the group’s brand of Death Metal, with guitar and drums due for a speeding ticket. “Mournful Chronicles (Instrumental)” is, as the name suggests, instrument-only, and the guitar, bass and drums alike use this opportunity to their advantage. All are faster than the speed of sound, for the majority of the song. The bass is particularly noteworthy in the opening of “Global Surgery”, where its malicious drones are bested only by the malevolent distortion of the guitars. The final track of CD 2, and the album, isn’t shy on the growls – “The Soul Ways” is progressive Death Metal in its truest form.

Overall, “Reverie” is a good release, and a remarkable accumulation of ABSORBED‘s work. Unfortunately, the band disbanded once more during the recording process, and many of the tracks were not edited. Despite this, the group have clearly been privileged to host a number of talented musicians, over their brief yet memorable career. 

4 Star Rating

CD 1:
1. Off-World Endeavour
2. Towards Summer We Soar
3. Contact
4. Disgust and Hate (Calhoun Conquer)
5. Quantum Leap
6. Cosmos (World Eneaded World)
7. Source of the Spice
8. Quantum Leap (alt. version)
9. Cosmos (World Eneaded World) (alt. version)
10. Source of the Spice (alt. version)
11. Preposterous Nitty gritty
12. Empatic Endeavour
13. Towards Summer We Soar
14. Outerdimensional Deployment

CD 2:
1. Int®o – The Depths of Nowhere
2. Cybernetical Existence
3. Abstract Absurdity
4. Nigrum (In Candida Vertunt)
5. Intro
6. Mournful Chronicles (Instrumental)
7. Global Surgery
8. The Soul Ways
9. Engulfed
10. Outro
11. Empatic Endeavour
12. Preposterous Nitty Gritty
13. Source of the Spice
14. Outerdimensional Deployment
15. Towards Summer We Soar
16. Trapped in a Lifetime
17. The Soul Ways
Oscar Insua "Jumpin" - (1991-1993) (Lead guitars for "Reverie"-1996) Vocals / Guitars
Javier Zarco - (1991-1996) Bass
Abel Sanjuás - (1991-1992) Drums
Javier "Zampa" - (1991-1992) Guitar
Lino Cordeiro - (1992-1996) Drums
Mario Cordeiro - (1992-1996) Guitars
José Barros - (1993-1996) Vocals
Telmo Díaz Piñeiro - (some months of 1993) Guitars
Fran Pérez - (1993-1994) Guitars
Luis Martinez - (September 1994-May 1995) Vocals
Fredo Martinez Ruibal - (1995-1996) Guitars
Record Label: Xtreem Music


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