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Abused Majesty - ...So Man Created God In His Own Image (CD)

Abused Majesty
...So Man Created God In His Own Image
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 11 July 2009, 5:39 PM

When a really beautiful and professional album package falls into your hands you just can't hide this positive feeling that dwells inside of you. When I received ABUSED MAJESTY's latest offering, I examined this double disc digipak release like a child examines a toy its parents just bought it. I was afraid of being let down by the music in this album, but it seems ABUSED MAJESTY took care of their sound as much as they did their album's appearance.

The Polish beasts were formed somewhere back in 1998 if I am not mistaken. Here we have to deal with a classic Polish situation. You don't really understand what I am trying to say, huh? The album was initially released in 2008 and was given along with a magazine. Due to the lack of promotion, the album kind of disappeared. Polish Witching Hour Productions (something tells me that this label is linked to the well known Metal Mind Productions label) decided to sign the band and release the album with a more than delicious bonus…

…the band's three demos! Let's take a look at the album and then we'll have a short walk through the band history with their demos as our guide. …So Man Created God In His Own Image is a Black/Death Metal little gem, symphonic at times, that is influenced from bands like BEHEMOTH, HATE, HERMH (Hal plays in with Icanraz is an ex member of the band actually), OLD MAN'S CHILD etc. With a haunting atmosphere created by the background keyboard melodies, the killer guitar work and Hal's bestial vocals, the band has crafted a hellish Black/Death record that you just can't overlook. The whole package is being completed with a heavy as fuck production (the album was recorded in Hertz Studios and a dark artwork design by our own Seth.

Let's get to the demos now. First of all, the band whole demography as a bonus is already really tempting for the listener/buyer. If you sit down and listen to these three demos in chronological order, you will have a clear image of the band's history and the evolution of its sound. Starting off as a more Black Metal act (if you see the photos in the booklet its members were really young back then), they later progressed to become this Black/Death beast they are today. Even the demos had clear and heavy sound, as well as noticeable music. The boys had it in them right from the start.

I guess that this double disc package is more than tasty for your sick appetite, so I advice you to go and get it immediately. Two discs, two booklets and quality brutal music.

4 Star Rating

Disc 1

Immortality Crusade Part 1
Immortality Crusade Part 2
Death Of A Blind Guide
The Ruins
I Am Destroyer Of Gods
Immortality Crusade Part 3
Birth Of God
Soul Of The Beast
Omnivorous Sonatina
Immortality Crusade Part 4

Disc 2

Crusade For Immortality Demo
Gods Are With Us Demo
Thee I Worship Demo
Hal - Vocals, Bass
Rob-D - Guitar
Icanraz - Drums, Percussion

Session Musicians:
Flumen - Keyboards
Vac-V - Keyboards
Record Label: Witching Hour Productions


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