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Abysmal Dawn - Obsolescence Award winner

Abysmal Dawn
by Brown Dwarf at 05 November 2014, 12:03 PM

Right, a question to start. What do you need in the mix to make a good Death Metal album a great Death Metal album? Power? Structure? Artwork? A certain amount of uniqueness? Anything else?

“Obsolescence” is the fourth full length release from ABYSMAL DAWN since forming in California in 2003. ABYSMAL DAWN have perfected a modern take on the early 90’s, American, technical Death Metal sound that many of us grew up worshipping. But, there is a real difference between perfecting a sound, and driving a genre forward. With “Obsolescence” ABYSMAL DAWN have managed to do both. The opener “Human Obsolescence” is as unforgiving as it is measured. From the outset the layers of technicality, brutality and beauty on this album are awe inspiring. The craftsmanship on “Inanimate” stands ABYSMAL DAWN head and shoulders above many of their contemporaries. The riff and tempo changes are thumping, and in every moment you’re entertained without the feeling of being over whelmed. By the time you reach track 7, “By My Demons”, it’s clear you’re experiencing something pretty special. The riff and guitar solo are the twisted love child of Chuck Schuldiner and Dimebag (raise your glass please). The final three tracks on “Obsolescence” “Laborem Morte Liberat Te” “The Inevitable Return to Darkness” and “Nights Blood” have some of the best guitar work I have heard in recent years. There is a truly remarkable mix of heavy, dark and acoustic excellence that resonates long after this album has finished spinning. Every track on “Obsolescence” is a stand out track. There is not one moment of disappointment, not one stumble. Each track picks up the brilliance from the point of where the last left off, and allows the album to build until we hit saturation point. “Obsolescence” is not just a10 out of 10, but a perfect 10.

In “Obsolescence” ABYSMAL DAWN have made a faultless piece of art. The riffs are killer, the solos are amazing, clever, and sophisticated, and the rhythm section is tight and seamless. The vocals, although powerful and crushing have a kind of sensibility at times. “Obsolescence” is relentless; I really tried to pick holes in it, because a 10 rating should tick every box, on every level, covering every aspect of structure, song writing, and musicianship. This album is damned perfect. We all know and use the mandatory Death Metal terms – crushing, brutal, bruising etc. But ABYSMAL DAWN have managed to incorporate Graceful, Emotional and damned right amazing into the next edition of the Death Metal dictionary. These new terms will sit alongside the standard Death Metal descriptions with ease, and most importantly, won’t compromise any of ABYSMAL DAWN’s or the genres roots and legacy. “Obsolescence” is one of the best examples of song writing and delivery I have heard in a long time.

Death Metal isn’t my preferred genre these days, but ABYSMAL DAWN are my new favorite band and “Obsolescence” will stand shoulder to shoulder with “Butchered at Birth”, “Individual Thought Patterns”, and the other Death Metal great’s that inspired a generation of brutality. Simply put, ABYSMAL DAWN’s “Obsolescence” is stunning.

5 Star Rating

1. Human Obsolescence
2. Perfecting Slavery
3. Inanimate
4. Devouring the Essence of God
5. One Percent Incomplete
6. Loathed In Life / Praised In Death
7. By My Demons
8. Laborem Morte Liberat Te
9. The Inevitable Return to Darkness
10. Night’s Blood (Dissection cover)
Charles Elliott – Vocals, Guitars
Andy Nelson – Guitars, Backing vocals
Eliseo Garcia – Bass, Additional Vocals
Scott Fuller – Drums
Record Label: Relapse Records


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