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Abysmal Lord - Disciples of The Inferno

Abysmal Lord
Disciples of The Inferno
by Craig Rider at 21 April 2016, 8:39 PM

What’s up, Metal maniacs? I’m here once again to give you an insight on this Black/Death Metal quartet; hailing from the United States of America: ABYSMAL LORD, signed via Hells Headbangers Records.

With only a demo and an EP behind them; we have here a debut album: “Disciples of the Inferno”, and so I delve deep into this crushing Black/Death Metal take that not only made me headbang, mostly brutally, but also fist pump, thrash about and just feel the essence of this group’s firing intensity of extreme Black Metal talent. This is a band that finds it hard to identify itself as they’re new and underground, so naturally, it’s hard to decipher who’s who… Nonetheless, from what I could gather; we have M.C. on vocals and guitar who performs well on deep Black Metal vocals…so all you true Black Metal fans would love this attempt, also pumping out some powerful riffs of steel that just brings the power to you tenfold.

We also have Guillotine of Papal Clowns on an additional, screaming guitar…with the additional powerhouse of J.B. on drums and R.E. on bass. From what I’ve listened to, this is a band that definitely know-how-to Black Metal, and they showcase an impressive display of talent on this area of expertise, even from their first taking, they know their shit. With added implementations of elementary atmospheric physics with edged on Black Metal richness…prepare to have your heads blown off.

The music conscribes of satanic-like, but incredibly groovy melodic tones, which keeps that Black Metal incentive, very much alive. “Incensation of the Alter” begins a gormy-like introduction, only to shock you with horror as “Sabbat” begins, granted, I was probably just shocked by the sheer loudness of my volume adjustment…but it’s evident to me that ABYSMAL LORD wanted to blow your bloody head off; it’s not only me that loves my music loud as possible, right?

Temple of Perversion” continues the mighty inner-thrash ABYSMAL LORD possess, which combines Death Metal intrigues as well. I thrash out to a seemingly intense Thrash/Death/Black rendition; I really sense this progression of brutality as I continue with “Tormenting the Virgin”, some gruesome mixes abound here; and so the intensity of insanely fast guitar solos begin, powerful drumming exerts make me fist pump, craving more of that mental riff talent. My wish is granted in “Golgotha Crucifixion”, still evidently the same as previous entries, much like in “Immortalis Impietas”, “Black Liturgy” and the title track “Disciples of the Inferno” …all deliver fine Black Metal mastery, but the end product may sound a little samey if you’re here looking for adversity; which let’s face it, most of you Black Metal fanatics probably don’t want, right?

Not too much to complain about with this one…musically everything is spot on with this mix of genre intrigues, there is something for everyone…everything can be heard and sounds extremely castrating!

If I were to explain “Disciples of the Inferno” in a paragraph; it would be that well, it’s imaginatively gruesome, musically brutal, powerfully eccentric and just outright in-your-face, a killer record. This is a great first attempt for a multangular mix of blackened Thrash/Death/Black; so if you’re a fan of these genres in particular, why not give ABYSMAL LORD a go? They’re pretty damn good if I do say so myself.

Songwriting: 7
Memorability: 7
Originality: 8
Sound Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Incensation of the Altar
2. Sabbat
3. Temple of Perversion
4. Tormenting the Virgin
5. Golgotha Crucifixion
6. Immortalis Impietas
7. Black Liturgy
8. Disciples of the Inferno
9. Sermon of Fire
10. Tyrant’s Wrath
R.E. - Bass
J.B. - Drums
Guillotine of Papal Clowns - Guitar
M.C. - Vocals, Guitars
Record Label: Hells Headbangers Records


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