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Abyssal Ascendant - Chronicles Of The Doomed Worlds – Part I. Enlightenment From Beyond Award winner

Abyssal Ascedant
Chronicles Of The Doomed Worlds - Part I. Enlightened From Beyond
by Te Hao Boon at 13 August 2015, 4:42 AM

ABYSSAL ABSCENDANT is a band that base themselves off Lovecraftian Mythology, so themes of Cthulhu and the universe around it can be seen throughout the album. I love the cover art too, it is so colorful and very different from usual Death Metal albums. This is definitely an interesting alternate listening to your conventional Death Metal. The album begins with this weird chugging, grunting noise and chanting can be heard at the background. It is definitely one of the spookiest things I have heard in a while. The amount of echo and reverb in this track really gave it a very strong atmosphere.

This is an album full of memorable guitar riffs and nice competent drumming to back up with the intensity. I could hear strong Power Metal influences too, and even the occasional breakdowns. “Interdimensional Predation II” is easily my favorite track in this album. The growling is in point, guttural enough but also not muffled at all. The constant blast beats and hard knocking guitar riffs just gets me so pumped up! I am in love with this track, the energy is exploding out of my stereo into the room with every wailing of the guitar! The mixing is wonderful too, you can hear the guitar and bass singing their individual songs on each of your ears.

The most exciting add in to the band is a live drummer instead of drum programming on their previous EP, you can hear a lot more accents and emotions in the drum rather than cold drum beats from a machine. Not to mention the tom fills sound way tastier by a live drummer too. The only issue I have is the weird ending in “Teared Up In Cosmorphosis” with the synths. It felt really anti-climactic and the track would have done better without it. This is a really well executed album and I really love the intensity of each and every track. The production is also really well done, allowing all the instrumentation to shine in this album! Just get the weird ending off Track 5, please.

4 Star Rating

1. Intro: Celephaïs Chant
2. The Nameless Shape
3. Interdimensional Predation II
4. Disrupted Incarnation
5. Teared Up In Cosmorphosis
6. The Black Pharaoh
7. The Prowling Of Rlim Shaikorth
8. Temple Of The Thousand
9. I, Progeny Of The Lurker
10. The Gift of Shub-Niggurath
Flo – Vocals, Guitars
Fanny – Bass, Backing Vocals
Raúl – Drums
Record Label: Dolerem Records


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