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Abyssal - Denouement Award winner

by Cameron Ervin at 24 June 2013, 9:34 PM

Do you like dark music that creates a chilling atmosphere? Do you like heavy blackened Death Metal similar to that of older OPETH? If you answered yes to those questions I have the perfect band for you, ABYSSAL. ABYSSAL already put out a record in 2013 (entitled “Novit Enim Dominus Qui Sunt Eius”) but I’ll be reviewing the Hellthrasher Productions’ reissue of their debut album “Denouement”. For a debut album this is a colossal release. ABYSSAL stepped into the Death Metal scene with a carnivorous fury ready to consume all that listen to their record with their deep dark atmosphere. Upon my first listen I immediately noticed the thick dark atmosphere this band had created.

When I heard “The Moss Upon Our Ruins” I could visualize the bitter wind you hear in the intro ripping across moss covered ruins. At the end and beginning of a few tracks they added old recordings of people talking. These old 50s recordings fit so perfectly well helping to craft the haunting atmosphere that envelopes this entire album. “Denouement” is just a very dark album that shows no presence of light for the duration. The sound is very gritty, dirty, and stripped down; at times this album sounds more like a Black Metal record. The bottom end of the mix is almost non-existent but if you strain hard enough you can make out a few bass lines here and there. The guitar is definitely the biggest player in the mix. There are plenty of heavy chunky riffs along with multiple passages of tremolo picking which gives this album the Black Metal element. If you are familiar with the style of older OPETH this album’s guitar style will remind you of the style on records like “My Arms, Your Hearse”, “Still Life”, and “Deliverance”. The percussion section is strong and very driving yet it lacks any real variety but it melds perfectly with the persona of this album. On a record of this type simple and strong drumming is more effective. I can’t really say much about the vocalist because there wasn’t much variation, the vocals were just extremely dark and low gutturals like you’d find on any Death Metal record.

ABYSSAL certainly made themselves known with this creation. I found myself mystified over the course of this record wondering which dark avenue the band would choose next. If you are looking for blackened Death Metal that goes places where there is no light this is what you’ve been looking for. 

4 Star Rating

1. The Moss upon Our Ruins
2. Celestial Dictatorship
3. Deus Vult
4. Detritivore
5. When Paradigms Supplant Gods
6. Swansong of a Dying Race
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Record Label: Hellthrasher Productions


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